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Astrid, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. Photo by Narelle

Astrid, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. Photo by Narelle

Below is a list of links that has compiled that have to do with cats, cat health, cat products, cat blogs….basically anything that expands on what offers and then some! Would you like to put a on your webpage? If so, please visit’s link
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Great Pet Owners A place to go for people who are passionate about their pets. Get information and articles on pets, pet care, health, animal trivia, e-books and more, and become a GREAT pet owner through these links.

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Lodging in Canada Pet-friendly accommodations throughout Canada, including hotels, motels, resorts, cottages, and B&Bs for the whole family – pets included! This website is about Dominick’s Cat, Baby Peach, and also dedicated to bi-colored cats…mainly Tuxedo Cats.

Iconic Dog Custom pet portraits in oils by Gwen Rosewater. Colorful, whimsical, luminous paintings of your dog, cat, or other pet with dramatic customized backgrounds.

Mutts N Moggies Mutts*n*moggies have been designing & making crystal cat & dog collars for over 10 years. Crystals are hand sewn onto collars. Collars are original designs. Hundreds of unique cat and dog collars have been created and supplied to customers worldwide

Pet Kits Complete care kits for cats and dogs. Everything needed to pamper and care for your pet at home-all in a convenient carrying case. Spend quality time with your pet while keeping them in top shape. Great value price! Quality-made with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Astrid, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. Photo by Narelle

Astrid, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll. Photo by Narelle

Carpet Wizzard Your guide to carpet cleaning tips and ideas, how to clean stains, red wine spills, pet stains and odors, how to clean carpet stains with products you already have, how to care for your carpet, information on best care and cleaning, tips on non toxic cleaning in your home.

Best Cat Tips Find answers to a wide variety of cat health
and cat care questions. Enjoy our free cat forum and newsletter.
Showcase your cat with our Cat of the Month!

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Exchange page A plain English guide for a budding cat breeder, or even an accidental one. Learn the lingo, and learn that cat breeding can be a wonderful pastime. Give your cat a longer and healthier life visit an easy to navigate resource site filled with informative articles about cats and kittens. New articles are added daily. Enter your cats picture in the Mac Daddy Cat Challenge.

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Pets are Cool is an information Site for the Pet Lover !
Includes Dogs, Horses, Cats, Birds, Pet Blog, Pet Tips and more. Cat Lovers Personals, Dating, Singles, Social Networking – meet other cat owners, shae your love for cats.

Our Happy Cat A Feline friendly Community for a Happy Cat and a Happy Owner. Practical tips for cat care and cat health, as well as pictures, stories, and other cat related information.

Cat Lovers Gifts Guide Cat-themed gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats. Site also includes cat-related articles. The Siamese cat with its distinct color points is one of the most popular breeds of domestic cats in the world. A loving and vigorous companion, this breed is vibrant in both looks and personality.

Pictures of Cats The best pictures and facts – about cats and for cats.

How Did You Chose Your Cat? Share with us how you made your choice and all the things that your cat does to let you know that she or he is the right one for you. Share a picture of your cat too.

ClydeSight 2.0! – The Fun and Games Cat SiteCome play with Clyde Big Paws, the cat, and follow his adventures as he plays silly games, Time Travel Clyde, Where In The House Is Clyde, and more. Meet his pals Gertrude and Eddie Cats, and read the How To Live With Your Cat Journal!

Cats and Dogs Information on cats and dogs along with a great glossary and blog!

Advice on Common Feline Illnesses The Cat Health Guide provides information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment on common feline diseases.

Cat Health Guide The Cat Health Guide provides information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of common feline health concerns. We believe that being an informed owner is the best way to help your cat stay well.

Pamperd Paws The perfect place for pet supplies. With over 2500 products, with pet food coming soon. Don’t see something you want? E-mail us and we will do are best to get it for you. We are always adding new stuff to our Web site, so please keep checking. You’ll receive 10% off your first order when you sign up. Please check your welcome e-mail for this coupon code.

Linrenay Persians

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