10 Honest Things People Had To Say About Liking Cats

For reasons I cannot understand, some people don’t like cats. But there are millions, if not billions, of us who do love felines. What marks our differences as cat lovers is the “why” behind liking cats. And we do love these animals.

Answers from Owners

Grey cat on being held by its owner
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When someone asks a forum whether or not people like cats and why many offer different answers for why these pets are so beloved. 

1. Require Less Attention Than Dogs

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One of the most widely agreed upon aspects of cats that make them wonderful pets is that they require less attention than dogs. Some respondents note that they have both cats and dogs and love all of their pets, but it’s impossible to deny that cats require less attention.  

2. Easier To Care For Than Dogs

Cat coming out of litter box with top on it.
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In addition to the specific response that cats require less attention than dogs, several users say cats are much easier to care for. For example, you don’t have to take them on walks, and it’s much simpler to dispose of their litter than pick up individual dog poops. 

3. They Don’t Smell Bad

Cat sitting on a toilet.
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Several cat lovers agree that cats barely smell at all, in contrast to dogs and other pets. One commenter notes that even the litter box is easy to deal with and only takes a few minutes to address. That same user also highlighted that cats are self-cleaning and constantly ensure they’re well-groomed, unlike many other pets. 

4. They Are Caring

Cat being held by a women laying down.
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Cats aren’t exactly known as caregivers in pop culture. But many owners share stories of their cats taking time to help them feel better. For example, one user says that their cat can be very aloof most of the time, but when they feel sick, their cat presses his whole body against theirs and purrs. Another felinophile says their cat has helped them through their night terrors by meowing until they wake up and then snuggling them. 

5. Personalities

Cute Scottish Fold Cat on carpet looking at the camera - orange tabby scottish fold with orange eyes
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Many respondents discuss the various personalities cats can have. Some cat lovers even acknowledge that some cats are often “jerks with a capital A,” which makes it all the more rewarding when they are sweet. One user with five cats says each has a “distinct personality.”

6. You Have To Build A Relationship

Blue Ragdoll carried by a girl
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While some people who don’t like cats may think it’s a reason not to like cats, cat lovers agree that it’s entirely positive that it takes cats time to build a relationship with humans.

One respondent who owns cats and dogs says they believe their cats are more closely bonded with them because they had to build trust over time. Another says they once hated cats, but after their partner insisted on getting cats, they now love their feline pets. 

7. They Are Cute

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This may be obvious, but so many people in the conversation mention it that it requires repeating: cats are cute! Many people point out that cats’ meows are adorable, one person highlights cat feet as particularly cute, and some say that while other animals get less cute as they get older, adult cats are just as cute as kittens. 

8. They Are Funny

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Another reason many people love cats is that they’re just funny little guys. Several commenters even go so far as to call their cats “goofy,” and one says cats “are endlessly amusing creatures.”

9. They Are Pretty

A beautiful cat laying down.
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Cat lovers use various terms to compliment their cats’ beauty. From “beautiful” and “pretty” to “gorgeous” and “elegant,” these felinophiles had no shortage of words for how good-looking cats are. 

10. They Are Curious

Two curious cats in a basket.
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As we all know, “curiosity killed the cat.” But some cat owners agree that their cats’ curiosity is part of what makes them so lovable. One commenter notes that their cat’s curiosity is also piqued by some things more than others which shows their personality. 

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