Life with Bogart and Snoop

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First of all I would like to say that looking at all the pictures that everybody has posted of their Ragdolls are absolutely gorgeous, this breed is the most lovey dovey cat that I have ever had Bogart will be a year old in August so I can't wait to see if he will get posted. We also have another cat Snoop who is nine years old that my daughter adopted from a rescue and from what I understand he has got alot of Maine Coon in him and people always have asked me if he was a Maine Coon, my daughter moved to Florida hence we have Snoop but ever since Snoop has turned 9 he has had quite a few medical problems which I have researched on and usually this happens to indoor males, which I found to be very odd, I know this is suppose to be all about Ragdolls but I feel since Bogart is a male also other people may benifit from Snoop, he has first Urinary Tract Disease which I found out because Snoop started to vomit quite a bit but he didn't have any of the other symptoms of urinary problems I had brought this problem up several times with the vet and we were always told that Snoop was overeating we had 2 other cats and one went to kitty heaven 2 years ago and she was almost 20 years old and Chloe was 11 who had kidney problems both were Himalayans, well as we all know how expensive it is to go to the vet and Snoop was referred to a specialist for the vomiting because as he got older it got worse and I decided to change Vets also and she was the one who referred him to a internal medicine Vet and after many blood tests that came back normal, medication that he was vomiting it all up after we gave it to him, he decided to do a endoscopy well it came back as mild allergic gastitis which he is now taking prednisone and he has not vomited and also his stools are normal, he would have a normal stool that would go into diarrhea and I have to say this specialist has been wonderul he emails me everyday, he has kept Snoop for a week at the hospital and not charged me and even before his endoscopy his kidney functions were not were he wanted them and he kept him at the hospital for 2 days on a IV and he did not charge me, he just kept telling me that Snoop was a special cat. So the reason for my story is how much I have learned from Snoop and being that Bogart is young now but if I don't feel compfortable with a answer from a vet get a second opinion,Snoop may not have that Urinary Tract Disease because what was happening with the vomiting he was getting dehydrated off and on so I hope my story helps anybody and so far so good with Snoop and now he and Bogart play and chase each other all over the house, and by the way we adopted Bogart from Blue Gem and I would recommend Mary who lives in Mass. VERY HIGHLY.

Kitty's Name: Bogart
Name: Mary

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