Lawsuit Against Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran of “We Love Ragdolls”

Breeding and the breeding world are things that I have come to overall really dislike since operating this website.  Are there still good people doing good things for the breed out there?  You bet.  But there are probably 3x more people doing the opposite…and it seems like I get the e-mails from people who are not doing right by others or right by the breed.

I have debated whether or not to announce this on the site, but at the end of the day have decided it’s important that this is done – I have heard horror stories from several readers about this breeder, and I want the heart break to stop.  I want using kittens as a means to get rich to stop.  I want a person to have to learn a moral lesson – that after the first sick cat was sold, that’s when you reevaluate your breeding situation or stop altogether, not continue without thought.  Yes, it is true that a sick cat can end up in a perfect breeder’s litters – I understand those things – these are living beings, but when it’s a reoccurring theme, and nothing is done to end it by the person creating it, that’s when I have a problem.

Lawsuit Against Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran of We Love Ragdolls

Nicholas Kho, a previous client of Jessica Perry’s, is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran, associated with,,,,,,, and other aliases.

Nick has worked to acquire stories about people’s experiences with their cattery and is looking to collect more. Nick and team will help collect damages if you join the lawsuit as a victim. Please send them an email to Nick at


Lawsuit against “We Love Ragdolls”

They are getting close to filing the complaint against Jessica and Leah.

In order to move forward efficiently and effectively, they need to get rough draft of affadavits from everyone who adopted kitties from Jessica and Leah (and had problems) as well as an itemized list of financial damages.

They need a list of itemized expenses you incurred as a result of dealing with Jessica and Leah, including receipt proof if you have it. A simple list such as the below will do…

1. Purchase of kitten – $XXXX
2. Transport of kitten – $XXX
3. Initial Medical Exam – $XXX
4. ER Visit #1 – $XXXX
5. Medications – $XXX
And so on, to include all related expenses. Receipts can be attached to the email.

As for the affadavit, this is simply a document that summarizes the facts of your experience with Jessica and Leah including specific dates, details of correspondence, payments made, timeline of your cat’s health issues, etc. This will need to be dated, printed, signed, and returned to us either by mail or scanned and returned via email.

While this won’t be the official affadavit they submit, as those will need a case number, and include specific formatting, this will serve to help their legal team understand the general complaints of each person and file properly. A simple explanation on how to draft an affadvit can be found here. Their legal team will help with further drafts as needed.

My hope is that Jessica and Leah will be stopped and it will also “scare” people who are currently doing the same and make them stop – and also prevent people from starting the same.

I am grateful for the work Nick is doing – as it is tiring, expensive and arduous.  However, it will save many people from years of heart break and financial woes.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All you had to do was call usda in her state. All states have animal protection laws or didnt you know?

  2. Karen E Phelps says:

    I’m curious if this includes Laura Standridge of out of Vancouver Washington?

    1. You’ll need to e-mail me with further questions- I am not sure and at first glance, I cannot tell.

    2. Laura Standridge says:

      No! It doesn’t! I am Laura Standridge and we registered our Cattery with TICA, CFA, and ACFA, set everything up, did our research, and acquired our foundation cats prior to ever hearing about this “Cattery”. We go above and beyond to give our sweet babies the healthiest food, happiest environment and best care that we can. We truly do love OUR Ragdolls!

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    OK, so I checked out the site,, Is this one of their sites? I tried several of the other ones just to see what they are like, but this is the only one that came up. If it is, I am pretty confused about it because they have a long paragraph about the USDA and how they have to adhere to strict standards like the shipping of kittens, etc. They even list the USDA contact info. I previously read about these people sending sick kittens that were soaking wet, and in other hideous conditions when the buyer received them. If that is the case, why can’t the USDA by notified and then do an inspection of their catteries to disable and/or even prosecute and while removing ALL the animals?

    1. If I recall correctly from my conversation with nick – there is no USDA department for kittens or something of that nature – it’s all bogus.

  4. Lana Nickerson says:

    I am a Ragdoll breeder and I used to get emails from WeLoveRagdolls and later from all the variants there was of that same outfit. I am glad to see that something is being done about these people. Just looking at the pictures of the kittens was disturbing to me, as they looked frightened. I had a new breeder contact me for help after she had bought one of those people’s ‘breeder quality’ kittens. She had such a problem with these people that she eventually gave up the idea of breeding Ragdolls. I also have a breeder friend who put a warning right on his website to steer people away from them. These type of people give breeders a bad name. There would be no Ragdolls without dedicated breeders, and I know many small breeders who despised what ‘WeLoveRagdolls’ was doing. As Jenny said, all catteries can have illnesses in their kittens, but you don’t sell sick kittens. And if one gets seriously ill after it goes to the new home, you support the buyer and abide by your contract. As for TICA, it is just a registry. If the parents are registered Ragdolls, the kitten can be registered. Since they are a worldwide registry for a huge number of breeds, they aren’t able to ‘certify’ that every breeder is kind and ethical. I hope the kitten buyers who had heartbreaking outcomes can get some justice in this.

    1. Teresa Reid says:

      Hi Lana, Thank you so much for clearing up some of these things that I didn’t know. Thank goodness for responsible and caring breeders like you to keep the Ragdoll lines pure and continuing. Great that the other breeder put warnings on his website about the dangers of buying a kitten from those unscrupulous people. At least the people who read that and do even a tiny bit of investigation will see what is going on and hopefully go in another direction.

      Thank you very much for clearing up the facts about TICA being a registry. I always thought that these “certifications” like TICA and CFA were status that not just anyone could belong to but had to adhere to higher standards. I guess if the particular breed standard is met, then it doesn’t have anything to do with whether the cattery is free of horrible diseases that perpetuate sick kittens.

      Am totally with you hoping that all the people who have had such heartbreak get justice. Also, hope that the civil class action lawsuit disables them to the point that they are no longer able to breed any animal at all, ever again.

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    It doesn’t seem that they will Jenny. I looked on their website and they state that they are certified USDA (which means nothing), and BBB, which I bet is not true from what I read from another person who got a sick cat from them. From the complaint board, it is just so sad all the people who spent their hard earned money and got a kitten only to find that they are fatally ill with FIP, and later succumbed to it. Having had a cat with that illness a long time ago, it was heartbreaking to first realize she had it and I had been lied to by the breeder (it was a himalayan), and then have to watch her get sicker and sicker and then she passed away when she was only 6 months old.
    What I don’t understand is why (when they post that they are FIV free and then people who have purchased kittens who tested positive for it) can’t something be done to prosecute them for fraud at least and/or animal abuse for knowingly continuing to produce cats who are bred from FIV + cats? I also saw that they are TICA registered. How is that even possible? I thought that was a pretty strict certification process.

    1. Yes, I know. And here’s the kicker – they charge exorbiant prices for pet Ragdoll kittens, which makes people think that they are the crème de la crème of breeders. In other words, paying the most, doesn’t always mean you are getting the best. Just one of the many ways they have manipulated people.

      I have no idea on TICA or how any of that works – perhaps I should find out more – but honestly, it’s a nasty road I don’t like riding on.

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        Yes, I understand and feel the same way. You are so right about them not thinking they did anything wrong. They obviously have no conscious or moral compass or they would be appauled at something so vile.

        One one hand, I want to look for the best in people, but when things like this happen that involves animal abuse, I just get really angry that someone would be so cruel to knowingly injure or cause suffering to an animal, especially one so innocent. That fuels me to want to make it stop. Am so thankful that Nick is doing something about it.

        If anyone out here knows the answer to these questions, could you please post it here so we can all learn about these laws? Thanks.

        It’s just hard for me to understand why law enforcement doesn’t put them in jail.

  6. I usually try not to get all “ranty” in my comments but THIS topic just infuriates me. So my rant begins….

    My goodness! Does evil ever take a break? Nope! Thank you so much, Jenny, for posting about this atrocious and heartbreaking situation. I truly had no idea about any of this. It’s shameful what these “people” are doing in the name of Ragdoll Breeding. Bless you for sharing this information. And bless Nick Kho for spearheading the class action lawsuit to make these “people” stop their horrible abuse of breeding practices.

    I like to think their is a special place in Hell for “people” like Jessica & Leah who take innocent animals and don’t breed for the love of the breed but, rather, for monetary gain. This is animal abuse through and through for breeding kittens that are sickly who suffer and die and then the heartbreak encountered by the adoptive family begins….pffft. I have no use for “people” like that. It’s a shameful practice and yet runs rampant in pet breeding throughout the world. Bless all the honest breeders out there who do their work with love and devotion to the beautiful Ragdoll breed. They are truly heroes.

    And, Nick Kho, you are now a new hero of mine for all the work you are doing to ensure these two “people” are stopped and made to pay damages for their greed, cruelty and disregarding of solid breeding practices.

    End of rant.

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks, Patti – the stories i have heard alone from Floppycats readers would infuriate you – and as you saw from all the aliases – when she would get caught, she would just change her name and re-start.

      1. Sheriann Carignan says:

        What happened with this lawsuit? I too had a nightmarish experience with Lovely Ragdolls. I truly hope she is stopped, what she was doing killed kittens and broke hearts of families. Please let me know!

    2. Teresa Reid says:

      First, I want to thank you Jenny, for helping to bring this situation to the public’s attention. Hopefully, people will read this and share it with everyone they know to get the info out there in order to shut these people down. I know from being here for almost 6 years now that Jenny works very hard to keep Floppycats a safe, respected and uplifting place and it IS all that and more. However, in our current world, there are situations like this one that desperately need a voice or else these monsters will continue to get away with abuse of innocent kittens just so they can get rich. So, God bless you Jenny, for making the great decision to post this. It is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen.

      Thank you Nick Kho, you truly are a superhero (as Patti said), to all of the kittens and those of us who love our animals more than most humans.

      We never want ANY of animals to suffer, and especially our sweet littel Ragdoll kittens at the hands of these horrible people. I so wish there was something more that could be done to ensure that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They need to be made accountable AND receive jail time, and then more time doing a very horrible and disgusting community service project for the rest of their sorry lives. If there is anything we can do here or individually, please let us know.

      My heart goes out to all the little kittens and their adoptive parents who have needlessly suffered at the hands of these cruel people. Am praying hard that the guilty parties will be caught, stopped, and quickly brought to justice. ♥♥♥

      1. thanks, teresa – yes, i debated hard on the announcement of this one because of my goal to always have good karma – but ultimately saw it as good karma to spread the word.

        i spoke with Nick a few months ago on the phone for a few hours – his story is a fascinating one and his wife is the driver behind it all =)

        my biggest fear is that these ladies – no matter what they have to pay in time or finances – will not see the harm in what they’ve done.

    3. Bought a cat last week from this business. She has put me off for four days! Making ridiculous excuses, and not returning callas or emails. Still do not have the cat, and after reading these reviews, do not feel comfortable at all with the situation. Ive heard she takes no refunds, but what if you dont even have the cat in hand? I purchased two kittens from her last december, and are happy with them, although one did have ringworm, and the other fleas. Never dreamed it would come with ringworm, but after reading reviews, im certain she came like that.
      That being said, very hesitant in getting a 4 yr old, knowing it has been caged lifelong. Very, very, sad!

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