12 Iconic Tweets That Prove ‘Larry the Cat’ Is the Real Star of 10 Downing Street

Larry the Cat is the chief mouser of 10 Downing Street – the cat responsible for making sure that the home of the British Prime Minister stays free of pests. Make your own joke here. But he’s also active on Twitter too! OK, it might not actually be Larry himself, but the Twitter account is undoubtedly popular, with over 800,000 followers. Here’s a look at 12 iconic tweets from this legendary cat.

Boris Resigns

This tweet shows that Larry still has affection for the former British Prime Minister, wishing him well as he now gets to spend time with his children. Whoever they may be.

Teresa’s Brexit Faux Pas

It’s hard to explain what’s going on with Brexit. This tweet from 2019 could easily apply to today – even the Brits are a bit clueless. Larry has no time for politicians’ lies.

Vicious Comebacks

There seems to be a growing demand from the British public for a General Election to oust the current government. The government doesn’t seem to care, and Larry calls them out on it.

Larry for Prime Minister?

He can probably do better than some of the Prime Ministers Britain has had over the last few years. He might last longer than some of them too.

Larry Making Big Calls

Was Larry the one who let Boris know his days as PM were over in 2022? And does Larry deserve a newer mobile phone than the one he’s been given?

Longevity for Larry

Chief Mouser has held his position at Number 10 for over 12 years now. Compared to some of the others to call the building home, he’s definitely got more staying power.

Not Always Sarcastic

Larry may have a sharp sense of humor, but he knows when to be serious. His tweet in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing was probably more heart-felt than some of the politicians’ tweets.

Larry Comments on the Midterms

Larry is a very worldly cat – while he mainly talks about British politics, he occasionally makes reference to what’s happening in the rest of the world, just as with this tweet.

Christmas Larry

We wanted to include this one because it’s cute – cats love shiny things, and Larry clearly enjoyed his time exploring the Christmas tree outside Number 10.

Post New-Year Celebrations

Humans hate having to go back to work after the holiday season – but Larry makes the point that cats can now take over their homes once again without pesky owners getting in the way.

Cat Hibernation Instructions

The UK doesn’t have the most pleasant of winters – so Larry here provides helpful advice on how cats should behave and warns humans of impending instructions for proper cat care.

The King of Twitter

Larry’s right here – he really is the true owner of Twitter. If you don’t follow him yet, why not?

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