Large Post Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Cats are natural scratchers – they just love to scratch, scratch, and scratch anywhere, all the time! As cat parents, you would want to protect your home furnishings from scratch marks at the same time to provide the best scratching bed for your cat.Large Post Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Imperial Cat's Large Post Cardboard Scratcher is an environment friendly cat product composed of 100% recycled materials therefore making it 100% recyclable too! The surface texture of this item is made from high quality honeycomb. This type of texture mimics the feel of a natural bark tree that would make your cats dig in their claws instantly!

To complete the satisfaction of your blue lynx mitted ragdoll, Imperial Cat makes sure to include a bag of Certified Organic Catnip in every scratcher.

Buy Imperial Cat's Large Post Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $42.99. Product dimension is 9" D x 41.5" L x 7" H.

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