Large ModKicker Catnip Cat Toy by Moderncat Studio

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Large ModKicker Catnip Cat ToyHas your cat been getting into all your things and has begun to play with your shoes, curtains, and other household items? Well, maybe the reason they are doing that is because they have nothing to play with or their old cat toys have already bored them. Maybe you would like to give your pet a new cat toy. The Large ModKicker Catnip Cat Toy by Moderncat Studio might be the perfect solution so you can stop your cat from running around scratching everything because it will be too busy playing with their new cat toy!

The Large ModKicker Catnip Cat Toy by Moderncat Studio comes in a wonderful light blue color and it is filled with organic catnip so your pet feline can have hours of fun playing with this. This is made with sturdy fabrics for your cat so it won’t end up worn and torn and it will provide many hours of fun for your pet. Imagine seeing your cat bouncing around the house playing with their new cat toy, and while you are making your cat so happy, they will be getting the exercise they need.
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