Large Booster Seats

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Solvit Booster Seat DiagramSolvit created a wonderful way to allow your pet to travel safely and comfortably without a cage or carrier.  The Solvit Large Booster Seat will hold animals up to 18 pounds. This means even a large size male Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll could comfortably sit in the booster seat and peer out the window as you travel to a nearby show or across the country.

Solvit actually provided a Booster Seat for Floppy Cats and a video and photos are available on the site.  The Booster Seat comes equipped with a strap that securely hooks around the headrest of a car seat and allows for your four legged friend to rest comfortably in the basket as you travel. The seat is at a convenient height for pets to view the outside world as it zips by and for those pets that love to climb an extra strap can be hooked to their collar to keep them in place.

The soft faux fur lining is removable and can be washed if it needs freshening. The easy to install product will keep your Ragdoll content wherever you happen to be traveling.

Purchase your very own Solvit Large Booster Seats at for 38.51.

Do you own a Large Booster Seat from Solvit?  How would you rate this product?

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