KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy, Brown/Black

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KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy, Brown/Black Choosing a toy for your cat is quite difficult. Why? Because cats don't just play with any toy, they love something that will really rouse and catch their attention, something that is interactive.

The KONG Swizzle Bird is a cat wand toy that is designed with an ultra soft plush material that ends with natural feathers. It was designed that way to offer interactive play while at the same time, stimulating the cat's hunting skills.

This toy is also a great step for strengthening the bond and love between companion and pet.

It has a patent pending tabbed design that allows feather replacement. This cat product is durable and measures 35 inches long with a 17 inch grip handle.

KONG's Swizzle Bird Teaser is made from non-toxic materials (without metal or small string parts) making it purrfectly safe for your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll to play with. 

You can buy KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy, Brown/Black from Amazon.com for $6. This item is eligible for a FREE shipping through Amazon.com's Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Note: This item is for supervised play only.

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