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Kong LogoThe marketing folks over at Kong sent us a bunch of their cat toys to review.  If you follow us on YouTube, then no doubt you have seen the cats either playing with or using some of their products and we will cover them in the weeks to come.

Oliver and Kong Kickeroo
Oliver and Kong Kickeroo

The first is the Kong Kickeroo.  They sent us two to test out – one in the Giraffe pattern (shown with Oliver) and one with the Tiger pattern (show with Charlie and Trigg below).  Ironically, when the box of Kong goodies arrived, so did a stray cat that I found at CVS Pharmacy.  His name was Oliver and it took me about 2.5 weeks to find him a home.  The Kong Kickeroo came in handy with Oliver because he was used to playing with people’s hands and because the Kong Kickeroo is long (the main pillow is about 10.5 inches and the tail is 6 inches – so a total of 16.5 inches) enough that I could hold onto it and encourage Oliver to play with it (rather than my hand).

Charlie and Kong Kickeroo
Charlie and Kong Kickeroo

In fact, that’s why this toy is great for bigger cats because it is over the length of their belly – whereas other cat toys that provoke “bunny kicking” are too short for Ragdolls.

When playing with your kitty and the Kong Kickeroo, the tail on the Kickeroo is great because when it moves it inspires them to want to play all the more.

Trigg and Kong Kickeroo
Trigg and Kong Kickeroo

The only issue I found with the Kong Kickeroo is that Charlie and Trigg weren’t interested in it unless I picked it up and started them on it.  In other words, it wasn’t a toy that they started to play with on their own.

With that said, I would still recommend the Kong Kickeroo because they do like playing with it and it is a soft toy that we can play with together.  It seems to be well constructed and held up to Oliver playing with it on a regular basis. 

 The Kickeroos are reasonably priced at around $7.00.  Of course, you will find all sorts of prices online, so be sure to check shipping rates.  I found the Cow pattern to be the cheapest at $5.66 with free shipping when you place an order of $25 or more on Amazon.com.  Of course, if you do a quick search for a Kong Kickeroo on Amazon.com, then you will find ones that are cheaper, but when you factor in the shipping, they end up being well over $10/each. 

Has your kitty tried the Kong Kickeroo?  What did she or he think of it?  What did you think of it?  Leave a comment below and let me and fellow readers know!

 Watch Oliver, Charlie and Trigg Kick Their Kong Kickeroos!

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4 thoughts on “KONG Kickeroo Catnip Cat Toy – Floppycats.com Product Review

  1. Poppy Seed Cats says:

    I got my kitties one of these for Christmas and all 3 of them love it especially Jazz who sometimes has pent up energy that he doesn’t know what to do with.

    I would advise not getting in the way of a strong powerful cat when they are kicking it, I got a nasty scratch on my wrist but it was my own fault.

    Unlike your kitties mine will play with it on their own and sulk if I put it in their toy box so it’s always in the middle of my lounge floor now.

  2. Coinneach Fitzpatrick says:

    Funny thing… my own Charlie, who’s also a sealie mitted (but without the blaze), shows no interest in the Kickeroo that I got for her today. Maybe it’s a Rag thing?

  3. Ammy says:

    I purchased this for my kitten a while ago. It’s really cute when he bunny kicks the toy. He’s more interested in the fluffy tail, though!

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