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How Koda Adopted Me

This is a story about one beautiful loving boy, Koda, our 2 years old ragdoll. But — there is a story behind this. Guys, I was adopted by a cat! So — hi, my name is Ivana, I am from Slovakia. Me and my partner met 6 years ago — at that time I actually hated cats!

My boyfriend’s family had two cats back then. British shorthair, Kubo and mixed breed, Volvero. I didn’t want any of them near me. Then, one night Volvero came to our bed, he sat really close to me and stared at me. He was like: “Listen, human. I WILL change you.” It took time, but his wish came true. I miraculously became a cat lover! Volvero past away maybe 4 years ago, but he did a great service to me.

Koda, blue point Ragdoll

Enter Suri

Two years we adopted a cat — Suri. Everything was great, but she was a cat who needed to be outside. She died when a car hit her. It was not easy for me, but I did not want another cat that time.

When I got better and realise I want a cat again, but I was sure I won’t let her out on her own  this time. Is there some breed that is ok indoor?

Well — as you can expect, I found lots of information about ragdolls. I fell in love with this breed immediately!! Social, indoor, friendly and also a bonus — beautiful.

What more? But then my doubts came. “Will she suffer? Will she be sad? Lonely? I don’t want to torture a pet.” I was rethinking this quite a long time. This pet will come to us because I want it. Because I chose him. He will totally rely on me. Can I do this? It is not a toy, it is lifelong relationship and commitment with all those pluses and minuses.

Czech Cat Rehoming

… meanwhile, I was searching the internet. One moment I was thinking ok, I should see also Czech websites. Then I saw a post. There was a photo of this beautiful cat.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week

He was just — good, warm, somehow calm. This peace came out of him. Of course I was doubting it! My whole body was doubting this! “Oh, come on! How can one human differ between fear and inner voice. This is just so hard.” Still — I wrote a woman, great woman who was doing tough decision. I do not want to write the reason I only want to say, I admire her because even she did not want to abandon him, she needed to do that for his own good.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week in a cat shaped head basket

I wrote her quite a long email about us, about our lifestyle. After some messages between us she told me she was discussing many candidates who wrote her with Kristian (Koda’s name back then) and when she mentioned us, he was calm and happy.

Happy Koda

She told me he changed when we agreed we take him — for better. A day when we agreed to came for him, she said he sat in front of front door of their flat and waited. He even jumped to crate by himself!

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week cleaning himself

She told us she is 100% sure he knew where he is going, he knew we will be his home. … I was quite stressed all time while driving to Czech for 2 hours. When we took him, he was stressed maybe half an hour, then he calmed down and slept.

Koda’s Homecoming

It was like a miracle. When we let him out in our house I told myself: “How the hell did we earned you. AND WHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE!!” I was full of joy and also full of fear in the same exact moment! And he?! He was acting like he is at his house and I AM new here!

Why I am writing all this?

Well — because I think not (only) Koda was rescued, also I WAS rescued. We brought him here 4 days ago. He was ok from the start, but I wasn’t. Well — Koda is so helpful. We had it vice versa. I did not comfort him — he is totally fine, those first days he was comforting me.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week in kitchen

What the hell? Who adopted who? I adopted him or he adopted me?! Guys, I know now, I WAS ADOPTED! So, here we are with our Koda.

Koda is 2 years old, blue point ragdoll, born in 31.08.2019. He loves to be around and exploring everything. When I open a shelf — he is there. Making coffee — he is there. Go on toilet — he is there. Thankfully not watching, just being present :-D.


He likes to be petted only with one hand, he needs to see the other one. He hates when I use a cream, he acted like “who the heck are you? Go shower yourself, ok?”

His name was Kristian, but when I saw him I told myself ok, this is not suitable for you my little furry friend. Then I recall one Disney cartoon — Brother Bear. There was this happy little bear, little bit annoying, trusting, friendly, joyful, innocent, mindful, little bit naive even. Koda.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week exploring his new home

While I am writing this I am realising one interesting thing. I was reading some stuff about inner child once. About that part of personality, where we are still children and we actually need to take care of that part.

Our relationship with this part is crucial, because among other things it helps us to channel our emotions. I did not realise it, but I think Koda’s qualities like a bear are the same one as qualities of a child. Inner child that we ignore so many times as adults.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week by Christmas tree

So I guess I gave our cat a name according to all these qualities that we need to cherish in our lives. I know everything happens for a reason. People in general give us precious lessons about acceptance, respect and commitment.

Koda - Ragdoll of the Week in kitchen lounging in coffee table

Koda and I guess all cats give us lessons about mindfulness, presence and letting go. What a life! Get yourself adopted by a cat! Let yourself be rescued from your heads.

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