Kiva – A 17-year-old Ragdoll That Lives in Del Mar, California

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When you start a website and get some of your first readers, it is very exciting.  You feel like your efforts have been worth it!  In fact, I still get excited to hear from readers, actually.

Amie was one of the first readers to contact me.  She first contacted me on Valentine’s Day, 2011.  She was on a hunt for a pal for her 14-year old beautiful Ragdoll, Kiva.  I asked her for photos of Kiva and was just shocked by how gorgeous she was – as a result, Kiva immediately went into my heart’s memory bank.

I’m very grateful that Amie has continuously shared photos of Kiva with me throughout the years.  Kiva is now 17-years old and Amie recently had a photo shoot done Allison Shamrell Pet Photography.

And Kiva was featured on Allison’s blog.

Amie shared the photos with me, and I got Allison’s permission to share them here.  They are just too divine not too.

Thank you to Allison for letting me share these on Floppycats – you can also “Like” Allison’s Facebook page.

Kiva the Ragdoll ©Allison Shamrell Pet Photography

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Kiva the Ragdoll ©Allison Shamrell Pet Photography2

Kiva the Ragdoll ©Allison Shamrell Pet Photography3



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  1. What a beauty!!!!!! She is just amazing and love that 3rd photo of her tail up so proud and happy. What a precious girl – thanks so much for sharing. Makes my heart smile♥♥♥

  2. Big Congrats to Amie for taking such great care of her beautiful Kiva! 17 years! AWESOME!

    Kiva is just so beautiful! GORGEOUS! Lurve her colors and markings. Allison took such great photos! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the lovely Kiva. Made me smile and coo!

    Thanks, Jenny, for sharing this story and information with us!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  3. Aimie, Allison, and Jenny, thank you all so much for allowing us to see these portraits of Kiva. And, Amie, what a tribute to Kiva, and to your relationship with her, that you chose to have her portrait taken–and at age 17 ! ! ! As I scrolled down through the pictures my jaw dropped, and “thou shalt not covet” shattered into many pieces. Look at all those fabulous, unique and fascinating markings. I kept discovering more, like the endearing little white dot just under her nose–the right side. She seems to have an equally complex and loveable personality. That is one of the hardest things to catch in photography, and you did that so well, Allison! Her love for you seems obvious, Amie; in the first photo, she seems to be saying. “I know how gorgeous I am, but this??? …only for you Amie!!! I was wondering if she had plenty of “tortitude,” but when I saw picture #2 I decided I didn’t need to ask; that and many other mysteries are flashing out of those beautiful blue eyes!!! But it was the third picture that just bowled me over. When I got to your comment, Dementia Boy, re the right hind leg (and for me the two chocolate patches) I agreed completely! From the distinct and wonderful reddish brown tip of her luxurious tail, to her ears and all those whiskers, to those two chocolate patches, and with every hair on her body, she seems to be saying: “I am KIVA! I am fabulous (and I know it”), I am feline from nose to tail, I can be independent when I want to be, I am loved (and I know it), and I AM DONE!!!”

    I do hope we get to see more pictures, Aime, including some with both you and Kiva in them . . . . (-:

    Thank you, again,


  4. Kiva,such a beautifull Doll,So glad you shared the shoot of her,what a great long life,she has and continues too have with an owner who loves her girl so much,wish you many more good love filled years with Kiva.Lisa Murfy and Ceasaar.

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