Kittywalk: Giving Indoor Cats More Options

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Kittywalk PenthouseI think I first saw Kittywalk in the SkyMall catalog – you know the one that is in airplanes?

Kittywalk has some truly interesting and creative designs out on the market right now, especially when it comes to cat gyms that are even safe to place outside. This is like a dream come true for domesticated indoor cats everywhere! It’s unfortunate that we can fence in our yards, but they don’t stand a chance against our tricky kitties who can climb just about anything. Kittywalk has found a compromise between letting your furry friend roam free and keeping them cooped up inside all the time.

Kittywalk Penthouses are one example of how to make fantastic cat playpens. The design is supported by four metal bars that prop it up and resembles a vertical cage on first glance, until you realize that the outside is covered in extremely durable and rip resistant mesh. Once you move closer, you’ll see three hammocks on the sides of the cage and a protective covering over the top of the Kittywalk Penthouse to shade your cats. Both hammocks and the covering sunshade at the top of the unit are weatherproof.

Kittywalk Penthouse2The Kittywalk Penthouse can be collapsed and stored in the travel bag included with purchase. It can be used on its own or connected to other Kittywalk cat products like the Kittywalk Town and Country Package and the Kittywalk Cabana. Don’t forget: you can always add your own little something special to the design too, like hanging some feathers off the sides of the mesh or including a favorite toy.

Check out Kittywalk’s products here.

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      1. I have a ragdoll i purchased the end of sept. 2013 and she will be 1 in july and i also adopted a rescue himalayan that is around the same age and they are indoors all the time. I was gonna purchase a kitty walk or tent of some kind so that in the spring/summer/fall i could have them outside with me when i sit on my patio but i saw your comment about you would never let your cats outside. I was curious as to why?

        regards, tina

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