Kittyo: A New Kind of Interactive Cat Toy

Post Published on December 6, 2013 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

kittyo interactive cat toyTraveling can be wonderfully engaging and exhilarating, but it can also be rather depressing when you have to leave your cats at home for it. Many cats don’t like to be on the road and find changes of scenery stressful and scary, so owners will often leave them behind… but not without feeling extreme pangs of guilt, mind you!

Kittyo is a neat device that has been designed to help us feel closer to our cats while we’re away. Of course it’s no replacement for the real deal, but it can certainly ease the pain of distance, making it one of the more attractive new cat products out there.

kittyo_no_laserSo how does it work? Kittyo consists of a device and an app (available through iOS and Android smartphone apps). By using the app, you can control the device. You are able to turn on a sound to get your cat’s attention, move a laser anywhere you please, and dispense delicious treats to your cat all while watching him, talking to him, and even taking pictures or recording him if you choose to. Kittyo is a multiple cat toys all in one device.

Because cats can get a bit rowdy while we’re out and about, the Kittyo device can be clamped tightly to a shelf or attached to the wall to keep it and your cat safe. Consider how calming it would be for your furry friend to hear your voice and then have the device dispense cat treats him. Again, it’s not a replacement for real contact (skin against fur), but this product seems like a lifesaver for those of us with clingy cats.

A Kickstarter campaign will begin in early 2014 to bring Kittyo to market, and you can sign up at to be updated about how to purchase Kittyo at an introductory discounted price.

Kittyo Interactive Cat ToyKittyo Interactive Cat Toy


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9 thoughts on “Kittyo: A New Kind of Interactive Cat Toy

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    What a brilliant invention! So cool!

    We don’t travel much and if we did we’d take Pink Sugar with us (just couldn’t bear to not have her with us).

    I think another great use for this would be if you are working and want to check-in with your kitties during the work day. I would have loved something like this when I was working. 🙂 <3

  2. patricia says:

    holy moly, that’s very cool and yeah kind of freaky. technology is advancing so quickly. i see people wating to use this on their kids.. just leave them home and dispense them some junk food.. hahaha. and watch what they are doing and yell at them to get off the phone. i think this is good for cats that do have that anxiety when having to go anywhere or meet new people. and really good for those of us that respect that our cat is one of those but we feel so much guilt and worry about leaving them. i’m one of those. i think about my cats all day when i’m working and i wish often that i could just talk to them and tell them i’ll be home soon. and i know they get bored. so yeah, this is cool to me, i like it.

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha – the babysitter for kids.

      i think i would enjoy this just to mess with them while i am away or in the other room. i could have really used this when i was at college and rags was at home with my parents. or when i was in class at college and rags was at home…in other words, not as applicable in my life today since i work from home, but could have been really fun years back when i was living in albuquerque and rags was in kansas city.

  3. Dementia Boy says:

    I think it will be easier for my cats to transition completely to raw food than it will be for me to transition to the 21st century…

  4. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    Okay, that’s kinda cool, but also REALLY creepy!!


    I bet it will be a lot of money!

    My Ragdolls actually like going on trips, so this is no problem for me!

      • Ragdoll Mommy says:

        Okay, not to offend anyone here, but I mean while you’re gone: you can keep watch over your cat, and point the laser anywhere you like, and dispense cat treats!

        Sure it sounds awesome, but it’s (to me) it’s one of those things that’s “cool and creepy” at the same time lol;-) . You know?

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