KittyNest – Help a Great Idea Go Into Production

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For those of you who follow Floppycats on Facebook, you already saw a post about the KittyNest.


The KittyNest is the first product designed by Paper Lion Co., a company dedicated to designing and producing the most aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly modern cat accessories. The KittyNest is a bed, a hideout, a perch and more. It’s American made and safe for the environment – you can see how gorgeous it is and how functional it is below in the video that explains their plight.

They are looking for donations to help get their first product off the ground.

The reward that you will receive from a donation all depends on the amount given. A donation of $10 is a pure donation to the project. Any donation at or above $70 will receive a KittyNest. The exact breakdown of rewards for each level can be found on the right side of the main campaign page.

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