Kittyblock Cardboard Cat Scratcher Review

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Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube by kittyblock and Charlie and TriggI can’t remember where I first laid eyes on the Kittyblock, but I know my first thoughts were, “Love! Genius!”  And after having the Kittyblock for a few months, I have to admit that my first thoughts are also my current thoughts!

I love this cardboard cat scratcher because:

  • It’s a perch
  • It’s a tunnel
  • It’s a bed
  • It’s a scratcher
  • It’s a playground

It is so versatile and the cats love it (as you can see in the videos below).

The Kittyblock is very sturdy and weighs 8 lbs. It is approximately 15″ cubed on the outside – so definitely big enough for a Ragdoll cat.  The inside dimensions are approximately 10″ x 10″ x 15″ and also fit a Ragdoll cat!

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube by kittyblock and Charlie and Trigg
Trigg scratching on the inside of the Kittyblock

I am such a fan of the Kittyblock that I included it as a recommended product to get if you are Bringing Home a Ragdoll Kitten in our Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide!

Here is our arrival video:

And here is our final review video:

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You can buy the Kittyblock for $49.

We received the Kittyblock from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this review.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube by kittyblock and Charlie and Trigg

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  1. We ordered the Kittyblocks awhile ago and our cats LOVE them!!

    They are very attracted to scratching them and so much fun to run thru and climb on. Even great for napping. Highly recommend!

  2. Love your review videos!

    Just to let you know, the sides – inside the block and outside the block are purrfect for scratching! Both my kitties really go at it. I love how the company softened the sides to give it a different surface. So many areas to scratch!

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