Kitty Tee Pee by the Feline Furniture

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Kitty Tee Pee by the Feline FurnitureHave you even thought of making your cat pretend to be camping indoors? Well, with the Kitty Tee Pee by the Feline Furniture, you have more than just a cat bed, your pet can use it play and hide.

It comes in 3 beautiful colors and a wonderful design pattern. You have burgundy, light blue, tan, and leopard design to choose from. The leopard print can help you create a setting to makes it look like your cat is in a jungle and it would be such an interesting and stylish theme to use to decorate an area of your home.

Your cat can snuggle up comfortably and soundly in their new Kitty Tee Pee when they wants to get away from it all and have their privacy. 

Feline Furniture has a wide array of unique cat furniture, ranging from beds for cats, to gyms and perches. They have high quality products that can help make your pet more comfortable and get to enjoy their cat furniture even more because most of them have a multi-functional design. 
Giving your pet quality cat products can make them much happier as they get the comfort that they need while their requirements are fulfilled.

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