Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion

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Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion Product Label
The Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion is made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Kitty Kottage has distributed over 500,000 honeysuckle toys and raw wood pieces since 1995. Kitty Kottage knows their honeysuckle!

In fact, there are 68 species of the lonicera family of honeysuckle – vines, bushy shrubs and rangy trees yet only one seems to magnetize cats. Kitty Kottage only uses the wood of the species that attracts felines. They harvest the honeysuckle wood during the times of the year when there are no leaves on the branches.

Cats are attracted to the Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion because it contains a harmless neuro-stimulant called actinidine. Actinidine is a chemical known to be attractive to felines.

Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion

As you can see from the photos, the cushions come designed in cute patterned fabric. They are nicely packaged and come with the following instructions:


  • Moisten with Water
  • Give to Your Cat
  • Enjoy!

Kitty Kottage recommends that you moisten the toy with water because wet honeysuckle has a stronger aroma and therefore heightens the smell for a more finicky feline.

Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushions

The package also comes with a caution that reads, “It is recommended that cats be supervised when playing with all toys. Inspect product periodically, and discard any loose material to prevent accidental swallowing.” In fact, this is a wise cautionary measure with all cat toys that are stuffed with any sort of substance.

Honeysuckle toys create the following reactions from your cat:

  • Sniffing
  • Licking
  • Chewing
  • Rubbing
  • Massaging
  • Bunny Kicking
  • Sitting on it

Murphy and Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cat Toys

The honeysuckle cushions did not create the same crazy behavior in Murphy like catnip can; rather they seemed to create a calmer play out of him. However, he definitely was immediately attracted to it, much like catnip. For cats that are not attracted to catnip (about 30% of cats do not have the “catnip gene”), honeysuckle might be the answer. Honeysuckle has been reported to attract cats when they aren’t attracted to catnip.

Here are a few videos of Murphy, a Ragdoll cat, playing with the Kitty Kottage Honeysuckle Cushion that were captured. You’ll notice that he wasn’t terribly into the toy, but we promise that he is. He drags this toy all over the house and we find it in the most unusual spots, but do not move it, as the next morning we will find it somewhere else. He seemed very shy about being filmed when playing with it, but it is an excellent toy.

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