Kitty Hoots Eeeks by Fat Cat Toys

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Kitty Hoots Eeeks by Fat Cat ToysDo you want you cat to have a new toy that will last, and they will just love to play with? Take a look at the Kitty Hoots Eeeks by Fat Cat Toys. It is shaped like a rat and contains a little bell which should make your cat get all excited and even has catnip for their extreme pleasure. Toss it around or let them play with it themselves and they will have a great time exercising and playing with it. 

Your cats will enjoy the shape and the long tail and whenever you move it a tinkling bell noise will come and make them wonder what that sound is. They will be able to play with this for hours on end and get the exercise that they need easily with the Eeeks, and maybe if you play with them, you can get a workout too! 
Fat Cat Toys are all natural, safe, and non-toxic which is perfect for your cats to play with everyday. These Kitty Hoots Eeeks cat toys were made with high quality cotton fabric and stuffed with poly-fiber filling. 
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