Kitty Cubby Hole Bed Cozy Cat Furniture

Last Updated on September 24, 2010 by Jenny

Do you want this cozy cat furniture that can function as beds for cats and cat playpens at the same time? This wonderful item has style, durability, and will give comfort to your cats.

The Kitty Cubby Hole by the Feline Furniture has two entrances and even a little toy hanging in it so they can play with it upside down or anyway else to get a little exercise on their legs.

Kitty Cubby Hole Bed Cozy Cat FurnitureThis warm, plush cat bed will let them sleep for a good many hours. Since cats spend more than half of their lives sleeping, it’s important that you give them a good kind of bed for them to use and the privacy that they like.

Your cats can get all cozy up in the Kitty Cubby Hole, squared like a house, roomy enough, and with a fantastic fur-like comfy feel. It measure 15x15x15 which should fit any size of cat. It comes in the wonderful colors of Burgundy that looks like a bit of red and purple, Light Blue like the sky, Tan for a nice modern light brown, and Leopard for a jungle-like feel.

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