Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock

Post Published on April 18, 2012 | Last Updated on April 18, 2012 by Jenny

Kitty Cradle Cat HammockCat hammocks are a sling usually made from fabric, rope or netting, suspended between two points that is used for swinging, sleeping, or resting.

Kitty Cradle's cat hammock is unique in its own way for it minimizes clutter in your home but also helps keep your kitty snoring and relaxing all day long without any bother.

Kitty Cradle can be attached underneath any open four legged chair available in your home. Just attach the straps around the legs of the chair thus allowing enough space for kitty to jump in and take his position.

This cat hammock not only saves you  floor space but also provides your seal mitted Ragdoll cat a new and  favorite hangout that'll keep him secure at all times.

Kitty Cradle cat hammock

The Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock features:

  1. Kitty will feel safe. A feature that allows your bicolor ragdoll cat to hide at a moment's notice while keeping an eye on its surroundings.
  2. Less clutter. A feature that utilizes existing unused space. No more space competition between you and your feline.
  3. Easy to keep clean. Washing machine safe.
  4. Makes a unique, great gift for cat parents/lovers.

You can reserve your Kitty Cradle for $29. Be sure to Like Kitty Cradle on Facebook to receive FREE shipping!

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