Kitty Clubhouse WHYs

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Beds for catsWOWZERS! My brofurs and I wubs dis Kitty clubhouse! It looks like sumfin we could all use! Our Meowmie made uz diz really coolz cat room; we couldz put the clubhouz in front of the sunny windowz! It’z purrfect for uz becuz:

  1. the info sez itz can support the weight of any resident cat – Dat’z Jasper – all 19 poundz of him!
  2. daz material is machine wazhable – Dat’z Ronon or Split! Deyz likez to peez on thingz! Hmph!
  3. and Iz can hidez inzidez from all of demz! MOL

Thankz to our cuzin Willow for gettin uz to enter de contezt! Purrz

Kitty’s Name: Snoopy
Name: Lisa Byrd
Where: Woodstock, GA

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