Kitty Clubhouse by Feline Furniture

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Kitty Clubhouse by Feline FurnitureEvery fancy having a playhouse for your pet? The Kitty Clubhouse by Feline Furniture is portable, lightweight, plush, plus it has one of the cutest cat toys. If you have a cat who is lazing around with boredom, or a couple of kittens who try to get into drawers and cabinet, you might want to give them the option to have their own special space. 

There are two circular openings that makes it easy for a cat to go in or out, and they can climb up the top. The interior of the Kitty Clubhouse is warm and cozy, which will make it just the right place for cat nap. The material used is machine washable and it is possible to add attachments to this unique cat furniture to expand it. It is a versatile piece, and your pet will be able to use it to hide, as a look out point, and do ton of other things that cats do to have fun. When the covered beams have been scratched away, it is possible to replace them at a fraction of the cost.
Providing your pet with cat products that can help keep them entertained may prevent them from hiding places like in cabinets and drawers where they can get trapped. Want more Floppy Cats? Enter your email address to get’s updates plus you’ll be eligible to win our monthly giveaway.
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