Kittycentric Wool Cat Caves: Arrival Video with 6 Ragdoll Cats

Post Published on April 18, 2017 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

When Kittycentric approached me and asked me if we wanted to review their felted wool cat caves, I was, of course, interested. However, since we have already reviewed two other cat caves, I asked them if they’d be game to send us 3 cat caves, instead of 1. That way, Caymus and Murphy (my parents 12-year old Ragdoll cats), Charlie and Trigg (my 7-year old Ragdoll cats) and Ash and Addie (my sister Amy’s 2-year old Ragdoll cats) could all have a go at the Kitty Centric cat caves. So this review will be a bit different as it will feature all 6 cats. And this arrival video is a bit different and longer too because we had to show all 6 cats upon opening. I actually think they all responded pretty similarly…with the exception of my weirdo, Trigg, who randomly had the cutesies. Good grief, he is so cute. Hope you enjoy and please do let me know what questions you have! It’s quite fun that the cave comes with a little felted wool ball that makes fun sounds too!

Someone already asked about fur removal on the cat caves.  Super easy! The Lilly Brush BFF for fur removal works wonders on felted wool!

I also posted a few videos on Facebook of Caymus and Murphy that were taken yesterday that you might enjoy as well:

Buy a Kittycentric Cozy Cat Cave Bed

Does your kitty have a cat cave?  How does s/he like it?

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One thought on “Kittycentric Wool Cat Caves: Arrival Video with 6 Ragdoll Cats

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Woo hoo! Another cool cat cave product! Great post & video, Jenny! Below is a copy of my YouTube comment on the product arrival video:

    “Awwww, great product arrival video for these felted cat caves, Jenny! Caymus and Murphy are so cool and so chill. Caymus just checking it out very carefully (reminds me of our Miss PSBs approach to anything that is not catnip related). Murphy is a hoot playing with that little pink ball that came with the cave. They are soooo handsome! Lurve how Charlie just went right in after that orange ball! BAM! In the cat cave! lol How cute was Chiggy being?!?! VERY!!! Lurve the jump over the cave and then plopping his furry butt down on the plastic packaging the cave arrived in. Hilarious! Great job on your part of the video, Amy! Lurve the look on Addie’s face when you zoom in on her. She’s such a cutie pie! Also lurved how Ash went right into it asserting himself as Top Cat! So adorable. Gah! How cute is Addie popping her head out of the cat cave?!?! PRECIOUS!!! “Swatting Cave”…so funny! Jenny, so funny how Charlie and Chiggy do the opposite of each other using their cat caves. Lurve how different they can be! Wonderful video! Looks like a great cat cave, too! Big hugs & lots of love! 🙂 <3"

    I so wish Miss PSB would use her cat cave. It is smooshed down as a concave shaped cat bed and holds toys now. She has just never show much interest in it no matter what I do or where I place it. She's quirky like that about felted cat caves. I'm still hopeful that one day that will change as she gets older…

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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