Kitty Breakaway Collars On Sale

Last Updated on September 16, 2010 by Jenny

Kitty Breakaway Collars On SaleThese are on SALE right now up to September 20!

Take advantage of the 10% off on Kitty Breakaway Collars!

You are going to love the great designs.

These collars will look nice on your pet but there are more advantages to it than just the way it appears.

It is a breakaway collar, which means that if your cat get snagged while going about their activities, like when climbing trees, the buckle will automatically release and your pet will be free. It makes it more than just an ordinary collar, this is one of the cat products that is especially created to help you keep your pet more safe.

One of the Kitty Breakaway Collars on sale is reflective, which makes it the perfect collar for your pet to use when it is dark. Cats do like to hide or if the wander around in the garden at night, it can help your find them as your can see the light reflecting off their collar. A reflective collar also can make your cat more visible to oncoming cars and can help prevent them from getting into an accident. These cat products are one-size fits all and is elastically sewn for added comfort.

When choosing collars for your Ragdoll cats or any other breed of cat, look for those that are comfortable and has safety features. Want more Floppy Cats? Enter your email address to get’s updates plus you’ll be eligible to win our monthly giveaway.

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