Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg in the Kitty A GoGo™
Trigg in the Kitty A GoGo™

Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Product Review

In 2003, a designer/former clothing buyer and medical design engineer created Kitty A GoGo™. Later in 2010 Kitty A GoGo™ was acquired by Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. (the makers of the Litter-Robot™).

We were sent a Kitty a GoGo litter box to product test. I was hesitant about it because:

  • I am not a fan of covered/hooded litter boxes (watch the final review video below to understand this more)
  • I was fearful that the lid was too short for Ragdoll kitties

Unfortunately, those fears held true – BUT I DO LIKE THE Kitty A GoGo Litter Box as a cat bed and I do like it as a litter box if:

  • You have a short cat like a Skookum
  • Your cat doesn’t have litter box elimination issues and likes hooded litter boxes
  • If you are diligent about scooping the litter box every day or twice a day

This litter box was designed for the human in mind – and so it is convenient for the human, but if the human doesn’t keep it clean, then it can end up smelling like a Johnny on the Spot, like any hooded litter box can to a cat.

What’s in the Box?

  • Kitty a Go Go Litter Box w/pullout Drawer
  • Hand Scoop
  • Replaceable Liner
  • Sifter Rake
  • Hinged Door
Kitty a Go Go Litter Box w/pullout Drawer
Kitty a Go Go Litter Box w/pullout Drawer

Worried about the accessory items?  No worries, you can buy replacement accessories on their website –

  • Hand Scoop
  • Litter Tray Liners
  • Metal Sifter Rake

Custom orders with custom designs available with a minimum order of 500 – which could be really neat – since there are millions of possibilities.

I also like the Feng Shui look of  the litter box after you run the rake through it – check it out in the final review video below!

Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Dimensions

Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Dimensions
Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Dimensions

Height: 16″ 40.6cm
Length 21″ 53.3cm
Width: 18.25″ or 46.4cm
Entrance Height 8.8″ 21cm
Entrance Width: 10-12″ 25.5-30.7cm

The height dimensions are one of the reasons I do not recommend it for large breed cats.  For example, Charlie is 14 inches from the ground to the top of his head.  If he was to get i the squatting position to go #2 he would be even taller – so even though the height of the litter box is 16″ high – when you add two inches of litter into the tray, then that height is reduced to 14 inches. But if you have a small cat – maybe a 7 lb. or smaller cat and is along shorter, then it could be a great litter box.

The pull out litter tray drawer and the built-in sifter rake basket is brilliant and they work extremely well. I love the hand scoop storage too – I love when something comes all put together, but now that I am such a snot about litter scoops (I prefer the Litter Lifter hands down), I wouldn’t end up using the scoop that comes with it.

Why I Love It As a Cat Bed:

  • It’s made of high quality, high impact stain-resistant plastic- so it’s easy to wipe down and keep clean.
  • It has built-in ventilation slots
  • The pullout drawer is a great way to get your cat out of the bed, if you want to get them quickly.
  • It comes assembled
  • It is portable with a convenient grab handle
  • It comes in awesome designs: Polka Dot, Black, Leopard, Wood Grain, Flower Print, Metallic

Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Design Options

Think about it – especially if you have an outdoor cat – this could be a great “home” for him.

Here are the videos that I took during our review – the first video is of the initial opening:

And then this is the one I made for the final review:

Overall, I like this product – and think that it has multiple uses.  Charlie and Trigg never used it as a litter box – but Trigg liked to lay in it on the clean litter!  So I do think the bed would be ideal.

You can buy it on or on the manufacturer’s site for $129.99 (They have a button on their site where you can get $30 off if you tell two friends about the Kitty a Go-Go, so the price with 2 friends is $99).

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7 thoughts on “Kitty A GoGo Litter Box Product Review

  1. F. Witte says:

    Jenny, Thank you for replying to my review. No I will not be using it as a cat bed since inside at front it slants & you need a pillow. At Winners there are absolutely unusual wonderful beds that are the same price & better looking than Kitty a-gogo as a bed. Kitty a-gogo is definately a great looking litter box but not feasible,

  2. F. Witte says:

    Good as a cat bed, extremely bad as a cat litter.

    Brand new – found 1st time used had cat urine and litter all over floor hugh mess – 2nd time used same thing big mess all over wood floor and box. Used only 2 weeks and both weeks problems.
    1. Plastic liner/containter NEW – inside the litter box both corners at back leak and urine ran into bottom tray, smell unbearable, since didn’t realize plastic liner would leak since NEW.
    2. Front bottom base of litter box not high enough, litter and urine all over floor leaks through the hole where you pull out tray (should not have this hole, still you can pull out from bottom with hand).

    3. I put my own plastic mat under the litter box in front where hole is that you pull bottom tray out, found my own tray was soaken wet from cat urine and cat gravel. (basically bottom front tray that you pull out isn’t high enough and front of box through hole caused a mess. Leaking all over floor with gravel and urine front of litter box.

    Wherever my cat urinates in the box it leaks – at the front or at the back of box.
    Ordinary cat litter boxes, even cheap ones, never have this problem because they are high enough for cat to urine either way and a lot cheaper. Your litter box should be for all cats whether they urine in the front or the back of litter box.
    The Good News is that it is a wonderful design, unfortunately, it is not feasible for a cat litter box due to the leakage and mess it causes. I was lucky that the leakage didn’t ruin my wood floors since caught in time due to changing cat litter box every week 2 weeks). It would of made a better cat bed than litter box.

    Only used this litter box for 2 weeks, and each time I had leakage and a mess!
    Perhaps you should look into the plastic liners – mine was NEW and it leaked from the beginning, 1st usage.

    Due to a wonderful design I would purchase for myself and my clients only if the front base was higher, in case my cat wants to urinate front or back of box and the hole to pull out base was not there so urine and litter is kept in box.

    When clients purchase this item they expect the cat should be able to go into the box and urinate wherever they want inside the litter box without any issues of leakage like any other normal cat litter box.

    Door to this box should be more flexible, easy to go into box, not so easy to come out.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the Kitty A Go Go Litter Box – it is definitely too short for a kitty to squat to go #2 – so that’s why I never tried it as a litter box – sounds like I am grateful that I didn’t as the leakage would not have been favorable!

      Are you using it now as a cat bed?

  3. Doris Chodorcoff says:

    I am having a terrible time with the fact that the urine doesn’t stay in the tray, but winds up on my marble floor. I have put down a plastic covering, but the smell is just awful unless I change it every two days. Is anyone having this problem?

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