Kitt-In Box from The Refined Feline

Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Kitt-In Box from the Refined FelineTake a closer look at this bed for cats. It’s attached to the on the side of the desk and it allows you to have your pet beside you, instead of under the table as you work. You would love the way that it lets them have their own ‘desk’ space’ and they will like the fact that you have provided a way for them to be around you.

If your cat is quite attached to you, they will seek a way to be around you as much as possible. Even if you are working on some papers or using the computer, your kitty cat might want to jump up on the table and walk around. By giving them the Kitt-In Box, they have a bed plus a nesting place.

Kitt-In Box from the Refined Feline is unique cat furniture that is made for cat lovers. It’s easy to install with the use of the heavy duty clamp. With a soft cushion, it can provide support for cats weighing up to 20 lbs. This is one of the more innovative cat products and will make it easy for you to watch over your cat even while you are working.

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