Keith Davitt Cat Fountains – Thirsty Cat Fountains Product Review

Post Published on November 9, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Keith Davitt Cat Fountains – Thirsty Cat Fountains Product Review

Charlie and the Keith Davitt Cat Fountain
Charlie and the Keith Davitt Cat Fountain

You might recall that I introduced you to Keith Davitt Cat Fountains a few weeks ago.  I discovered these fountains from a comment that someone left on one of my blog posts.  So I went to Keith’s Etsy Store and checked them out.  I was amazed by the different selections, designs, colors and options he had in his Etsy store, so, of course, I contacted him and asked him to do an Etsy interview for the site – which will be featured on November 26, 2010.  I also asked if he would be willing to send a fountain for Charlie and Trigg to check out.

He was, of course, willing to do so and here’s the first one that he sent us!

I chose this one because I love the copper work that Keith did to create a waterfall effect – I also thought the sound of it would be delightful.  Not to mention, I figured the sound would encourage the kitties to drink out of it.

Charlie Drinking From The Thirsty Cat Fountain
Charlie Drinking From The Thirsty Cat Fountain

Of course, they drank out of it right from the get go.  Charlie, especially, which came as no surprise since he loves to drink water from the sink.

Why I love Keith Davitt Cat Fountains:

  • The designs are all unique and elegant
  • They are much more attractive than the plastic cat fountains
  • They are a piece of art you can have in your home – so they are more than just a cat fountain – they are an added feature to your home or garden
  • If you have an outdoor kitty, you can always place it outside on your porch or on your deck, so that they have fresh water.
  • The glazes used  on the pots are made from recipes developed by two scientist/potters and rigourously tested for food safeness.  Also, the clays are stoneware – also food safe.
  • The circulation of fresh water encourages  your kitty to drink water!

Here’s a video I captured of Charlie and Trigg checking out the cat fountain that Keith sent us when it first arrived:

And here’s another that I captured last night:

We are going to donate this cat fountain to a local animal shelter, so that they can auction it off.  It’s gorgeous and can be put to a better use!

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22 thoughts on “Keith Davitt Cat Fountains – Thirsty Cat Fountains Product Review

  1. LPringle says:

    I have to add to Keith’s comments about water bowls near food.

    My cats almost always refuse to drink water from bowls left near food. I had no idea why and assumed it was some peculiarity unique to my cats, until I discovered that they are definitely hardwired to drink in a separate location. For the longest time I’d find them drinking out of the toilet or some other spot until I moved their bowl to a separate location and I found them using the water bowl more more frequently.

    Lovely bowls Keith. I’m content with my current stainless steel fountain, but will definitely order one of yours when it bites the dust.


  2. laura narayani says:

    Thanks for the beautiful fountains and nice video’s – all v. helpful. Just wanted to add that in the wild, cats drink very little water at all. Their evolutionary-normal diet of small mammals like mice, birds, etc are made up of 70% water (as we are ) so this takes care of a cat’s hydration needs. This is why high-quality wet cat food, or even better, balanced raw meat, is the healthiest way to feed a cat and avoid all those kidney and other chronic diseases.
    That said, I love these fountains for many reasons, including their beauty and utility – for both four- and two-legged creatures. Thanks to Keith and Jackie for their ingenuity, Laura-Narayani

  3. Keith Davitt says:

    You are more than welcome Sue. Be sure when you come to buy a fountain that you remind me you came from Floppycats so you can get the 10% discount.

  4. Sue Rogers says:

    Keith, your comments regarding placement of water bowls or fountains are very well taken. I have two water sources in my house and both of my Ragdolls chose to drink the water in the office as opposed to the water next to the food in the kitchen. I am planning on purchasing a fountain from you and I will be sure to place it in a location away from the food. Thanks so much for all the information.

  5. Keith Davitt says:

    About the placement of the water source… As I am sure you know, cats are extremely fastidious. They really don’t want food aromas associated with their water, which should be pure and untainted. If you have a water fountain in the next room, say a corner of the living room, your cat will naturally go from eating, into the next room for a drink. I have my Bijou’s fountain on a raised pedestal in the corner of the living room. It has enough room for him to jump up on it and drink to his heart’s content. (Because I make them I switch fountains on him now and again – bubble-up type, falling water type.)..Right now he has one with a spout, like the drinking fountains we use with the water arching out of a spout into the bowl. He always drinks from the stream of water, never from the pool of water. (They really, really love moving water). Just because we eat and drink sort of simultaneously, doesn’t mean other creatures do. In fact, they don’t. I tell all my customers in the instruction sheet I send with the fountains “to ensure your cat uses the fountain as quickly as possible, place it where he can easily find it, away from the food bowl.” This is how cats like it. They want to wander away from the eating place to a water source. It is our silly logic that says the food bowl and water bowl should be together.

  6. Keith says:

    I took the following off the net:

    “When compared with galvanized steel or PVC pipe, copper plumbing offers significant advantages. It is incredibly durable, safer in natural disasters and resistant to weather and bacteria. For decades, developers and builders have preferred copper plumbing for its dependability and solid value. Homeowners also prefer copper plumbing because it generally increases the resale value of homes.”

    “Copper in our diet is necessary for good health. You should eat and drink about 1,000 micrograms (1,000 ug) of copper per day. Drinking water normally contributes approximately 150 ug/day.”

    So not only is copper not harmful, it is beneficial, however, the amount of copper that enters into the water of these fountains is probably too small to measure or matter. But if it is still a concern for you I have enameled copper (enamel is essentially the same thing as a glaze on a pot or cup – glass) and ceramic cat fountains in which the water rises up from below which are the most popular of my fountains. Whether you use my fountains, metal fountains or just bowls, whatever you do, avoid plastic fountains. If you chose a ceramic fountain make sure that the glazes are food-safe. I make mine from recipes developed by two scientist/potters (look up ‘Mastering Cone 6 Glazes’ ) who rigorously tested the glazes and specify how much of what leaches out. These are the safest and possibly the only glazes that are guaranteed to be 100% food safe. (They show the result of putting a lemon wedge on a supposedly ‘food-safe’ glazed dish which leached out harmful chemicals after 3 hours.)

    I would avoid ceramic fountains made in China, such as the Pioneer Tear Drop. It is nice looking but said to be cheaply made and almost certainly, not ‘food-safe’. Naturally I want you to buy my fountains but there are certainly other cat fountains out there as good, and, dare I say, better than mine? I hope not, but do avoid what we know to be harmful – plastic and untested ceramic. (Plastic is harmful in itself and it scratches and nasty bacteria grow in those scratches which normal cleaning doesn’t eliminate.)

    If you do decide to buy one of my fountains at, mention that you came there from floppycats and I’ll refund you 10% of the purchase price.

    • admin says:

      Lizzi, I thought about that but then I thought about how all nice or old homes have copper piping, so we have been drinking water from copper for years. Of course, if it still concerns you, you could always get one with the metal features. Jenny

  7. keith says:

    I should add that my cat, an indoor – outdoor tabby rescued as a stray from Brooklyn, NY is very fastidious. Nothing about him ever seems to get dirty.

  8. keith says:

    A comment on water bowls and feeding. In the wild, animals almost never drink in the same place they eat. The water fountain or bowl is best placed someplace completely away from the food bowl. This has several effects. One, it reduces the amount of food that gets into the water by giving the cat time to thoroughly digest and swallow his food. It also separates the food odors from the water so there is no association for the cat with the two. This has the consequence of making the water both seem and in fact, be fresher for your cat. We eat and drink almost simultaneously but cat’s don’t. Whether you use a water bowl or a cat fountain, your cat will be happier and drink more if the water source and food bowl are kept well apart.

    I add water to my cat’s fountain every day. I clean it once a week. It never seems to need cleaning but if I leave it for two weeks, it does. Hope this helps.

    • Melody says:

      That is interesting to learn! I think most people just keep the food bowl and water bowl next to each other. Whenever it is I can finally adopt my own kitties, I plan on having one water bowl or fountain next to the food bowl and another water bowl or fountain in another location.

      • Jenny says:


        Charlie wants water at the most random times – coming up to my water cups and wanting to drink water from the sink – so I always have water scattered throughout the house. It’s a great way to keep them drinking. Rags always wanted ice water -my little snob!


        • Melody says:

          Cats can be really funny sometimes for the most silly things! I remember my roommate’s two cats used to always do one after the other, maybe it was territorial but I have no idea. If one drank from the water bowl then the other would come along and drink from it too, if one used the litter box then after that one was done the other would hop right in to use it too. Odd creatures cats are but I love them <3

  9. Melody says:

    Keith’s fountain displayed above is beautiful! Charlie seems to be more interested in the bottom basin of the fountain, although I think it is a nice feature that the centerpiece can also move around a bit so that the cats that do want to drink from the bottom bowl can do so.

    Is a standard porcelain bowl used for water better or are cat fountains better? I have heard that cat fountains have some advantages in providing cats with fresh water with every cycle of the fountain, whereas a bowl needs to be refilled every so often. I would love to hear other cat owners’ opinion ^^!

    • Keith says:

      Hi Melody. I’m the maker of the ceramic cat fountains. There are two aspects to the answer to your question. It was my cat who got me into making cat fountains. I was making fountains for home decor (I just love fountains and moving water and have my whole life). I would place different styles around my home and found my cat Bijou drinking from them far more than I ever saw him use his porcelain water bowl. I did a little research and discovered that feline hydration is a big issue and that cats far prefer moving water to water that just sits. Water that is recirculated is being constantly oxygenated – probably why they like it better and why it is better for them. This is as true for the bubble-up type as for the falling water type. And of course the negative effects of plastic fountains has been well documented by now. So bottom line – if your cat drinks plenty from a ceramic or metal water bowl then a fountain isn’t necessary (but the do look and sound nice). If he isn’t, then you can’t do better than a ceramic cat fountain.

      • Melody says:

        Thank you for your response! I have always loved the sound of moving water as well and I have always enjoyed watching small fountains like yours as the water trickles down. Many Asian restaurants tend to have ceramic fountains in the background as their decor and that is when I started liking them, or it is just in my genetic make up since I am Asian after all haha ^^ Thank you for the information about cats preferring moving water over still water though, I did not know that! I hope you will still be selling some fountains by the time I am able to adopt my own Raggies!

    • admin says:


      Ahh…cats. Yes, in that one video, Charlie was interested in drinking out of the big bowl, if you will – but that was the ONLY time he did that – and of course, it was the time I was filmming! But, the nice thing is – Keith makes fountains without the metalwork waterfall – so we’ll see how Charlie likes that!

      Every cat owner should refill their cat’s water bowl (dump out the old) and refill daily – Charlie and Trigg’s always has hair or bits of food or something – I usually do it twice a day – but I am home all the time, so I have the luxury of doing just that!

      The fountain is advantgeous because it encourages them to drink other than in the kitchen.


      • Melody says:

        Haha yes cats do tend to do that. My roommate’s cat used to stand in this cute prairie dog position and whenever she or I tried to take a picture of him in that position, he would always run away or sit back down normally so we always missed the chance. From my own research and from what I have heard and read, I think I prefer the fountains over just a standard bowl due to as you said, the icky state it can become with hair falling in it and etc.Thanks for your opinion!

  10. Sue Rogers says:

    Keith’s fountains are absolutely beautiful. I originally bought one of those ugly plastic fountains, however neither Bella nor Taylor would drink out of it due to the noise.

    I have already selected one of Keith’s fountains and if the kids don’t use it to quench their thirst, I will still have a lovely piece of art in my home.

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