Keep Your Cat Stimulated with the Stimulo

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Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center

The Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center is an absolutely brilliant idea. This brand goes above and beyond your typical cat food bowls and enhances your cat's eating experience by giving them the chance to hunt and play at the same time. This provides a more realistic scenario where your indoor cat can make believe he is out in the wild. This is one piece of unique cat furniture that not only brings a different feel to your home, but will also please your furry friend immensely.

The Stimulo features multiple tubes where you can place your cat's food. Utilize all of these tubes to allow your cat to feel like he is outdoors, foraging for his next meal. It is common for modern indoor cats to gain quite a bit of weight due to their sedentary lifestyle. This is one of the best cat products out there, and it's sure to help them shed some of those pounds in a fun and more natural way. The placement of the food in the tubes is also sure to get your cat thinking.

This toy is rather easy to clean as well, which is great for both you and your cat. It's made of plastic and can be taken apart in order to run through a dishwasher cycle. The Stimulo Center is completely dishwasher safe, so have no worries. If it ever seems like your cat is getting too used to the device, do not fear. Stimulo has different sized tubes available, some even longer to truly challenge your pet.

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