Keep Your Cat Busy with Catnip Balls

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Yeowww My Cats Balls, 3-PackTired of your cats getting hold of your tennis balls, yarn balls, and basically every other sphere-shaped object available in your house? Do you love your cat but are growing tired of coming home to objects of yours that have been ripped apart? This is a problem that can be easily fixed by some discount cat toys available both in local stores and online. The brand Yeowww offers a My Cats Balls, 3-Pack product for an affordable toy that will satisfy your cat's basic needs to run around and play, while making sure he or she uses up energy in the process. Yeowww specializes in cat products made in the USA using organic catnip.

This My Cats Balls set comes with three balls in multiple colors such as green, yellow, blue, and red. Each ball is stuffed with catnip and has a diameter of two inches. This catnip is 100% organic and will have your cat yeowwwling for more after a while. If you're looking for the best cat toy at a reasonable price, Yeowww is a good starting point. Very few customers complain about the quality of their products, and many reviewers are fond of the My Cats Balls, 3-Pack because it encourages their cats to get up and about and entices normally lethargic cats to become more mobile. With some catnip treats, your cat might simply rub up against the toy and sniff it. With the pack of catnip balls, he or she will be up running around and pawing at these balls.

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