Katris Cardboard Cat Scratcher Covers Product Review

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Katris Cardboard Cat Scratcher Covers Product Review

Katris Cardboard Cat Scratcher Covers Product ReviewWe reviewed the Katris Cardboard Cat Scratchers long ago and loved them.  Earlier this year, Katris came out with covers to aesthetically enhance the appearance of their cardboard scratcher furniture.  Making a hip product even more cool.

They offer three different collections:

  • City Collection – San Francisco
  • Mono Collection – White
  • Mono Collection – Black
  • Wood Collections – Teak
  • Wood Collections – Maple

We were sent the Wood and Mono (Mono consists of black and white covers, but we only got 1 cover, a black one, as I only have one piece of Katris) collections.

To apply them, you just peal off the back of the cover, to reveal the adhesive side and then adhere it to the Katris piece.  We had an “I” shaped Katris, so were sent “I” shaped covers to put on it.  You’ll see in the review video below that the backing of the covers comes off very easily, making them easy to apply.  The backing could have torn or more, but it stays in tact, making for a quick and easy stick-on situation.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these once they were on – they really do enhance the appearance of Katris in a room.  And I can totally see someone having a lot of fun with them – as you can be super creative with them.

The Katris cardboard scratcher and covers stayed at my sister’s house, so I asked her to report to be about how they were doing.  She said, “The sides have stayed on well and haven’t shown any signs of coming off. Addie loves to play games with the gap in between. She has cat nip on her head from going back and forth. They don’t use it a ton, but there is some wear on it which is a great sign!”  She also sent some photos in the process:

Katris Cardboard Cat Scratcher Covers Product Review 3

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Buy Katris Cardboard Cat Scratcher Covers

You can buy Katris on Amazon or buy it and the covers on Katris’ website.

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We received the Katris covers for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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  1. Awesome instructional video, Jenny! I really like these scratchers! So stylish. I really, really like that wood applique you applied a lot!!! Addie & Ash are so adorable, too!!

    Great job!!!

    Big hugs & Happy Holidays!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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