Katkabin Cat Enclosure

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 KatKabin DezRez Standard - Chocolate Brown

While the most secure and safe place for your bicolor ragdoll is inside your home, some cats just are not happy unless they can go outside. This can be very upsetting for cat owners who worry about their cat outside. It is only natural that a cat wants to explore and experience the out of doors, however there are many dangers which he or she are not aware. Peace of mind can be found with the Katkabin cat product.

This sturdy outdoor cat enclosure lets your cat go in and out with ease. Your cat can roam your yard or the neighborhood knowing that there is a safe and secure place that she can go. It is a great place to relax, nap or just lounge around in outside. It can be fixed permanently to the driveway or an outside deck and is insulated to keep your cat comfortable.

The Katkabin is four feet long so it is ideal for larger cats as well. There are ventilation holes in the back as well as a removable cat flap door in the front which protects from rough weather. It is constructed of sturdy plastic and comes in five colors. Here is a safe and cozy place for your cat to be even though they are outside.

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