Kate Solisti Approves More Cat Food Companies

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Kate SolistiYou might have read our post about Animal Communicator Kate Solisti who had done extensive research on good quality cat food companies.

Canned for Dogs & Cats:

Ziwi Peak                        www.ziwipeak.com
Nature’s Logic              www.natureslogic.com

Frozen Raw for Dogs & Cats:

Nature’s Logic
Rawthentic                 www.rawthenticpet.com 

Here are the reasons Kate Solisti has for choosing these particular foods:

1)  Small, family owned company w/ excellent hands-on control over every aspect of processes & ingredients

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2) All human grade and/or organic ingredients — no additives, by-products, fillers, over-processed stuff, etc.

3)  Ingredients sourced from North America

4)  Evidence that these diets have improved the health of my own animal family as well as my clients’ dogs & cats

5)  Company responsive to making ingredient changes if quality even may be  compromised

6)  Company has proven record of putting quality above quantity

7)  The company has a proven record of ethical business practices (Sadly, some companies whose foods I recommended in the past have recently fallen short here.)

8)  NOT available in big "Box Stores,"  grocery stores or chains, nor planning on going there any time soon (Frankly, this criteria eliminates a lot of foods I have recommended in the past because, once a food gets produced in these large quantities, control and ingredient quality have always deteriorated.)

9)  Company gives back by supporting non-profit animal organizations

10)  Recommended by shop owners I admire & respect for their commitment to only selling the highest quality foods

Do you have gourmet cat treats or cat food that fits this criteria?  Please feel free to leave a comment below and mention what those specific treats for cats or cat food meets the criteria.

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