Kate Solisti, Animal Communicator, Reports on Pet Food

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Kate SolistiPet Talker, Kate Solisti, has done a lot of research when it comes to quality foods for your kitty. 

Kate stresses that it is important to note that these foods are recommended from her friends and colleagues that have done a lot of research in this area – and if they are bought out by a larger cat food company, then the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients could most certainly change.

Solisti recommends that you buy cat food from a locally owned store – rather than from Petco or Petsmart – and definitely not the grocery store.  Solisti says that if you go to the grocery store for your kitty’s food then the food is already highly processed.  I would imagine that Whole Foods or another natural food store might be an exception in this situation.

Below are a list of recommendations from Solisti:

Grain-free Dry Food for Cats**:

Pure Vita                 www.nutrisourcedogfood.com
Mulligan Stew        www.mulliganstewpetfood.com
Orijen & Acana      www.orijen.com
Great Life                 www.doctorsfinest.com
Taste of the Wild   www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com

Canned for Cats:

Weruva                      www.weruva.com
Mulligan Stew

Treats for Dogs & Cats:

More Like This

Boulder Dog Food Company www.boulderdogfoodcompany.com
Great Life freeze-dried liver treats & "Irresistibles" toppings
Stella & Chewy’s "Carnivore Crunch" and "Carnivore Kisses"

Frozen Raw:
Stella & Chewy’s         www.stellaandchewys.com
Rawthentic                   www.rawthentic.com

Shop owners who keep up on the pet foods they sell:

Lori Leigh Moreland      
Pet Empawrium & Spaw     
(303) 467-7777                                                 

Danielle Jarock                  
Quality Paws Natural Pet  
(303) 778-7297

Shannon Senft                    
Paws & Claws                           
(970) 547-9633                                                  

Although Kate recommends that no cat should ever be eating dry food alone – she says that she included the list of dry foods, so that the kitty could transition to a grain free food.  It is best to only feed kitties wet food.

What is your favorite cat food for your kitty?  What are your favorite treats for cats?  Please send us a photo of your kitty with his favorite food or gourmet cat treats!

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