Karma Products Cardboard Cat Scratchers Special Deal on Amazon

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Karma Products is offering a promotion on their cardboard cat scratchers on Amazon right now. There is a code for $5 off two or $10 off three. You can take advantage of them by clicking on the scratcher you want and then click on “Special Offers Available”.  Charlie and Trigg totally dig the Infinity Cat Scratcher Lounge and scratch on it daily.

Karma Products Cardboard Cat Scratchers Special Offers

Karma Products Cardboard Cat Scratchers

Here is a list:


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  1. I have two Ragdolls (brothers), Chet and Blaze. They are 20 months old. I bought one of the Infinity scratchers and they loved it. When one was lounging on it the other kitty would push him off and get on. I ended up buying a second one and now they are both very happy. They both lay on them side by side and watch TV with us.

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