Karma Kube Cardboard Cat Scratcher Review

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Ragdoll Cat Trigg on Karma Products Karma Kube Cardboard Cat ScratcherThe Karma Kube is a cube shaped cardboard cat scratcher that measures 15 x 15 x 15 inches and has a circular cut out in the middle that makes a tunnel that the kitties can play in. So not only is it a scratcher, but it is also a play area and a place to sleep.

Trigg has really liked it and I find him on it often.

The inside tunnel cut out is 11 inches in diameter.

I like this Karma cube because it is for:

  • scratching
  • playing
  • resting

It’s great for a one cat household or a multi-cat household.

You can buy the Karma Kube on Amazon.Karma Scratch Kube

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We received the Karma Kube from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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  1. I purchased this in 04/2014 based on your review and it has been a gigantic HIT. Prossimo loves the Kube and I’m hoping I’m on the receiving end of some Kat Karma since I bought it for him!

    Paying $12 for shipping really annoys me but if I instead think of the cost amortizing it over 6 months, a total cost (including the Kube) of $10/month, is more than reasonable.

    I haven’t replaced it yet but I should have back in September. I’ve tried peeling off the shredded layers but that’s only a very short term solution. It held up surprisingly well for a surprisingly long time, it seemed to all of the sudden show the abuse from his scratching, biting, thumping and general harassment he has shown the Kube!

    Something I didn’t think of that he really, really enjoys is being inside the cut-out but the absolute best is when he tries to turn his hulking 16+ pound body around mid-run through it. It never gets old!!

    He also enjoys perching atop as if he were ruling over his kingdom.

    On an aside, for any Floppycats readers who have a charity linked to their Amazon account if you click on an Amazon link from here, just add “smile.” (note the “dot” or “period” after the word smile), to the beginning of the address in your address bar. This will mean that the affiliate link will work AND your charity still gets their bit. For example:

    Floppycat link:

    Add “smile.” after the www. but before amazon.com:

      1. I have but I’m not sold – the length (I have a small house), the lack of height and the fact that he can’t go “in” it are what’s holding me back.

        Have you tried or had any feedback on the X-Tetra?

      2. I have but for most it’s my same hesitation, the floor space.

        I pulled the trigger on the X-Tetra – I’ll let you know Prossimo’s verdict!

      3. The X-Tetra came today and Prossimo has spent most of his day perched atop it purring wildly!

        I would say that it’s too small for his body but, like other boxes that would be too small for a hamster, he’s not letting that stop him!!

        Prime Shipping for the win!

      1. The charity part is nice but it’s important to remember that the earnings are exceedingly small percentage of purchases (something like $50 for every $10,000 spent), so don’t let charitable donations through purchases limit your typical giving.

        It’s small but certainly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

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