K&H Kitty Cave™ 2011

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K&H is one of the largest and well-known manufacturing company that is dedicated in providing heated pet products in the country. K&H offers the highest quality of new and unique products, with great selection and innovation for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds. Only the finest materials are used to make K&H products more durable and long lasting.

K&H’s Kitty Cave™ 2011 is one that is greatly attractive and bold for your pets. It is made out of bright and fun Microsuede Fish Print on the outside and super soft fleece sleeping surface on the inside making this cave a purrfect place for cats to hideout and take a nap.

K&H Kitty Cave™ 2011

The K&H Kitty Cave™ has a removable at the same time reversible cushion inside giving a more comfy and cozy feeling for your cat to experience. K&H beds and mats are a safe way to provide your pet with warmth to relax muscles for active pets and to sooth joints for those who are aging and arthritic ones.

K&H Pet Products works closely with Underwriters Laboratory to assure safe products for pets and homes. K&H Manufacturing provides the best comfort for pets and appreciation for the pet owners.

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