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Post Published on December 7, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

JW Pet Door Knob Teaser with Canvas Butterfly
JW Pet Door Knob Teaser with Canvas Butterfly

JW Pet was kind enough to send us a bunch of their new Cataction line of toys, including the Cataction Door Knob Teaser with Canvas Butterfly.  You might recall our blog post that we did where we opened up the large box of toys we got from JW Pet – and we’ve already reviewed the JW Pet Canvas Angel Fish Wand 20”.

JW Pet also has other products that hang around door knobs like their Cataction Catapult Cat Toy.

I love this toy because it can easily be afixed to your door knob – around your oven handle and numerous other places.  Toys like this are great for someone who works all day long and wants to have an interactive cat toy, but cannot be home all the time to play with their kitties.  This might also be an ideal toy for a rescue, for example, because you can just attach it to the door knob and let your kitty go crazy! 

This is also a great product if, for example, you go to cat shows and are looking for cat travel products that you can bring with you and allow your kitties to play while they await their show debute. 

Here’s a video I captured of Trigg playing with the Door Knob Teaser with Canvas Butterfly:

You can order JW Pet’s Door Knob Teaser with Canvas Butterfly on Amazon.com for $5.99.

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