JW Pet Canvas Angel Fish Wand 20” – Floppycats.com Review

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Cataction 20" Wand With Canvas Angel Fish
Cataction 20" Wand With Canvas Angel Fish

If you are a reader of our blog, then you might recall the post we did about the big box of cat toys that JW Pet sent us to product review.  We have been reviewing them for a few weeks now and will feature one a month.

They have improved their Cataction series and therefore are bringing out a lot of great new products.  The first one we decided to review was the Cataction 20″ Wand With Canvas Angel Fish.

Charlie are usually the official product testers of Floppycats.com – but as the holidays roll around, I have the fortune of spending more time with my mom’s cats.  So this time it was Caymus and Murphy that product tested it – and unfortunately, I didn’t get video footage of Caymus playing, but he adored it – I assure you.

Cataction 20 Wand Toy and Murphy
Cataction 20 Wand Toy and Murphy

Trigg and

Why I like this toy:

  • Wand toys are a great way to interact with your kitty
  • It has catnip inside of the fish
  • It also has a krinkly fabric on the inside of the fish – cats love the sound of that!
  • It has a feather hanging off of it – allowing to tickle your cat’s whiskers

Here’s footage I captured of Murphy playing with it – my mom had the wand and I filmmed – it’s always nice to have a helper!

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  1. My cats love Da Bird wand toys (or any wand toy for that matter), so I’m sure this would be a hit with them! They aren’t too crazy over catnip either. Maybe the stuff I have isn’t potent enough?

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