JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version – Floppycats.com Review

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JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version
JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version

You might recall reading our post about all the goodies we got from JW Pet to test out for our product reviews on Tuesdays.

This week we are covering the JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version.

I was hesitant to try these as they seemed more ideal for a dog than for a cat – so I tried them on the larger of my two cats, Charlie.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version worked and how easy they were.  You still have the compression motion, but they’re not like scissors where you have to open and close every time – they are already on a spring and therefore work fantastically.

I will be using the JW Grip Soft Nail Trimmer For Cats Deluxe Version from here on out – that’s how much I like it!

I captured a video of trimming Charlie’s claws below.  As you can tell from the video,  he wasn’t bothered by them at all.  The only thing that bothered him was me pushing his paw for too long to show how they worked!  He didn’t like the longer period than usual.

What kind of nail trimmers do you use for your kitties?  How do they like them?

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  1. I saw that product in the stores and wondered if it was any good. I settled on the small scissors you show at the beginning of the video. I find that they are very easy to use too–especially when my kitty is napping! Thanks for the information.

    1. Geo, I have always had the small scissors – used them on Rags for years. I will be doing a product review on those as well. They are GREAT too and take up a lot less room! But these are super simple. I really liked them! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. I saw your video on this on your YouTube page and thought it was a nifty nail trimmer due to the way it trims the nails. Charlie was such a good sport, he did not seem to mind at all really, Trigg did not seem as pleased with getting his nails trimmed though.

    1. Charlie is an attention slut, so if he’s getting attention, he’s happy. Trigger man doesn’t like the attention, unless it’s early in the morning or late at night and he approaches you for pets. So I wouldn’t attribute their nail cutting behavior to the instruments used. I actually now prefer the scissors I used on Trigg over these. Although these are certainly still great – I just feel like my precision is better with the others.

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