June Is Adopt-A-Cat Month!

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Did you know that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month?  Of course, adopting a cat is a celebration, but not a decision to be made lightly.  If you haven’t decided to adopt yet or if you have enough putty cats and don’t have room for more but you’d love to give back – then check out what Imperial Cat is doing!

Scratch ‘n Bits™
Scratch ‘n Bits™

You might recall that last year Imperial Cat offered their Scratch ‘n Bits – an affordable line of scratchers made exclusively for shelter cats!  They will ship a case of Scratch ‘n Bits or 20 scratchers to the shelter of your choice for only $25 (including shipping).  Imperial Cat even sends the donor a receipt for their 2011’s tax deduction!  Visit www.CatClaws.com/adoptacat to make your Scratch ‘n Bit donation and help your community shelter today.

I highly encourage everyone to get involved!  I donated a case of cardboard cat scratchers last year to Animal Haven, a local shelter close to me – and in honor of Adopt-a-Cat month, Animal Haven waives their adoption fee on kitties!

How will you help out?


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