July is Pet Hydration Month – PetSafe® Brand Cat Water Fountains!

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As you guys may or may not know, we are currently in the process of reviewing the PetSafe® Pagoda Pet Fountain.  Here is our unboxing/arrival video:

We review all products for 4-6 weeks – so since we’re only 3 weeks into this one, we won’t be able to publish the review within July – Pet Hydration Month.  However, PetSafe is trying to get the message out about the important signs of dehydration in pets, as well as the benefits of proper hydration, and I think those are very important to share.

Dehydration can end up causing serious problems – as many of you know, I am opposed to dry food for a cat’s main diet – because it is not the right diet for a cat – it lacks moisture, among other things.  So, a kitty on a dry food die

Cat Dehydration Symptoms Include:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Lack of energy
  • Excessive and ongoing panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sunken, dry eyes
  • Dry and sticky gums
  • Loss of skin elasticity (when pulled or moved, the skin will not go back to its original place)

How Can Hydration Help a Cat?

  • Preventing urinary tract infections and urinary disease. Unlike the food humans eat, dry dog and cat foods have very low moisture levels. If a pet doesn’t drink a lot of water from its bowl, consider adding water to their dry food or incorporating wet food into their diet. Cats with low water intake may experience urinary tract infections, or even urinary stones and crystals that can cause urethral obstruction.
  • Aiding with energy levels and temperature regulation. Water helps pets convert fat to energy. If a pet drinks enough water throughout the day they will have the energy to play outside or go on a walk. Water intake also cools the body and helps them maintain a consistent and normal body temperature.
  • Speeding recovery time from sickness or surgery. Drinking water can help promote healthy kidney function and flush toxins from their bodies. This is important after a bout of sickness or during the recovery process after a major surgery.

How Do You Know When to See a Vet?

  • If a pet parent suspects that their pet might be dehydrated, they should take him or her to a veterinarian immediately where they can monitor the pet closely and administer IV fluids. To help pet parents learn more about how to administer a test to see if a pet is dehydrated, PetSafe brand has developed a how-to video, which I have posted below:

PetSafe Brand pet fountains like the Pagoda that we’re testing encourage pets to drink more water and offer a stylish alternative to traditional pet bowls.•

Fountains keep your pet healthy and hydrated with fresh, filtered, circulating water. PetSafe® Brand fountains are:

  • easy to clean (dish washer safe)
  • reliableo hygienic
  • low-maintenance
  • affordable
  • stylish
  • they filter tap water
  • they encourage your pets to drink more water (flowing)
  • bring you peace of mind
  • important for health: help prevent urinary and kidney diseases
  • they prevent bacteria growth

Cat Hydration Fun Facts:

  • 60% of your pet’s body is made of water, while humans are only made up of 60% water.
  • Your pet needs one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. This amount may increase based on the activity level of your pet or existing health conditions.
  • Dehydration occurs when fluid levels drop to less than normal, due to either reduced water intake or increased fluid loss.
  • Provide clean water at all times, and change it frequently to ensure freshness. Also, don’t forget to wash your pet’s bowl every day to prevent bacteria from forming.
  • Bring extra water when you’re traveling or exercising with your pet.
  • Keep your toilet lid closed to interrupt your dog’s or cat’s efforts to turn the toilet bowl, which can be a source of bacteria, into a water fountain.
  • Any time your pet is outside, whether it is for a few minutes or a full afternoon, always make sure that you they have plenty of share and water.

What measures do you take to make sure your kitty is hydrated?  Do you have a cat water fountain for your kitty?  Which brand?  Do you like it?  Why or why not?

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  1. Excellent post & topic, Jenny! We have a ThirstyCat Fountain but I put it away a few years ago as Miss PSB was ignoring it so I switched over to water bowls for her. I LURVE our ThirstyCat Fountain and need to dig it out of storage and try again with her! I keep two PawNosh bowls of ice water on our dining room table for her each day. She lurves to drink from them and paw dunk from them as part of her hydration ritual. I also add a bit of water to the wet food she eats each day. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Patti, I would love to own one of the Thirsty Cat fountains but just can’t right afford it right now,have you seen the one that has cheese and three blind mice on it ? So cute !!!!!

      1. Hi, Sheila! I got mine almost 5 years ago when we adopted our little princess! It’s a beautiful mixture of blues, greens and browns! They have so many new styles now that make me want them but I can’t afford any of them right now either. I will go look at the one with the cheese and the three blind mice…how ADORABLE!!!! 🙂 <3

        Big hugs & lots of love to you and your furry(ies)!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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