July 2011 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe

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Up for grabs this month is the Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe, an outdoor cat enclosure.  It retails for $174.99!

Kritter Kommunity Deluxe PinkYou might recall the review we did on the Kritter Kondo Deluxe.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe, please:

  1. subscribe to our e-mail updates (if you’re already subscribed to our e-mail updates and are an active subscriber, then you don’t need to re-subscribe – you’re already entered!).
  2. and for an additional chance to win them – submit a photo of your kitty with an explanation of why you and your kitty need this Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe!
  3. and for yet another chance to win – leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to have this Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe.

So that’s three entries per person!  Of course,  you can just do one of the three – don’t feel obligated to do all three!

You may enter up to three times per the ways above and a random winner will be chosen in a drawing on August 1, 2011.  The giveaway is open to all addresses in the USA and Canada!

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  1. I sent in my Ragdoll cat, Baxter’s picture, and request for the pink enclosure. He would give anything for an outdoor enclosure. He’s an indoor only cat who gets out on a harness now and then. He
    pines in windowsills (all specially reinforced just for him, so he won’t fall through the screens!).
    His sister Violet says the pink will be just for her, so he won’t mind. He would love to hang out in something larger than his stroller. I’ve never seen an indoor cat want to be outdoors so badly, having had little experience other than stroller rides, and the odd harness walk (because he hates it). He would be spinning around meowing if he knew what I was writing about :-)!!!!

  2. LOL, about Baxter, but really, both Freyr and Freya need this, Freya practically climbs the window screen (now the pesky mosquitoes can get in) the outdoor tent I have for them doesn’t play well with me. (I have trouble closing it up and putting away) this is also bigger then that tent. I’ll have to enter some of the other ways too lol. Don’t care about the colour Freyr is surrounded by females at the moment, that will change when little blaze gets here

  3. I have 4 cats who would love nothing better than a chance at the great outdoors. Of course living near woods and a busy street I can’t let them go without worry of cars or predators. This would be the answer and its so cute.
    Perhaps they would get tired and give me a break at night. The nocturnal play fighting on my bed makes for a rough time at work the next day. Kittens Carlton and Morphius just can’t help themselves when the attack mode kicks in. Luckily Evil Girl and Ozzie are more sedate and older.
    I could really use the sleep


  4. Hi my name is Morgane and I have an adorable 6 month old Blue lynx mink mitted Ragdoll kitten! (That’s a mouthful!) Her name is Cosette and she looks a lot like Trigg! I know she would love this kondo because my mom is moving us to Switzerland soon for her job in an alpine village so the chances of her ever going outside on a walk or just to sniff the flowers isn’t likely! (All the wild life) I believe Cosette would adore this product! She loves looking outside (as most indoor kitties do!) and I would love to give her a chance to experience it in a safe place! (Not to mention Cosette’s bowls,collar, and pads are PINK!) Thank you for offering this giveaway regardless of the outcome!

  5. My Bella & Tasha would love this! We have the LA Basin behind our house so we cannot let the cats outside at all. This would solve that problem and allow them some fresh air regularly.

  6. I have been researching plans to build a “Catio” for my kids. We would love to win the Kritter Kondo Deluxe to allow them outside before I complete the project. How cool if I could somehow incorporate it into the design!

  7. I sent in pictures of my Taliesin and Shaman as they both LOVE to go outside, but we don’t let them go out without supervision. They would LOVE to have this to go outside and stay without me having to “catsit” them.

  8. I have 5 cats that really need this, 2 of them are runaways and sneak out and this wuldbe purrfec for them to get some fresh air and be safe, all my cats are indoor cats but love fresh air so they would love this very much!

  9. I shared a picture of happy who is the cat of mine that needs this most out of all my cats, she escapes constantly and this would be great to put her in while I am going in and out the door constantly like bring groceries or something, thanks for the chance!

  10. I have 3 cats and 3 dogs. This would be wonderful for the cats to keep them enclosed and comfortable. They would love this. We have had racoons coming around on our deck and through our doggie and cat doors. This would be great to keep them inside at night and to keep the blind dog out of the catlitter box. Rita Spratlen rj_angel_house@yahoo.com

  11. I have 3 cats and 3 kittens and they all have different outdoor desires and privleges.
    Delphi lays in his chair in the backyard, Milo doesn’t care to go out, and Raya ripped open a screen to get out (she needs supervision). The kittens basically will match the cats (Bell recently climbed out a small window and was laying on the roof near a stray (she’ll need supervision).. It would be great to be able to allow the ones who want out (but can’t be trusted) to hang out in the yard with the ones who can.

  12. This would be great for my two cats. I’d like to let them spend some time outside, but I don’t want them to wander around by themselves. They love watching the birds and getting fresh air. This would be great.

  13. I’d love to have this to let my kitties outside without having to worry about them getting hurt or lost. I just know they’d enjoy watching the lizards and birds and bugs and breathing the fresh air.

  14. I am going to be working with a WONDERFUL no kill shelter for the winter time, and they have a terrific “cat house”, but it could use a few more nice beds and such like this. These precious homeless kitties deserve a beautiful “kondo” like this even more than my spoiled and “deserving” baby. I hope that I can win this for the terrific “refuge” that has so many beautiful sweet homeless kitties! It’s an awesome piece of workmanship.

  15. We live in a 1st fl condo, and just started taking Autumn out, but she hates getting the harness on. Once we have her out she really enjoys herself, but she really hates that harness.
    Winning this would be perfect. We could set it up on our patio, and sit out with her..It would be so much fun for all 3 of us.
    Thanks for the contest.

  16. My cat Bubbles needs an enclosure for outside. He loves to be outdoors, but we are worried that he will find a way to get out of the yard and into the street. This is a great prize for cat lovers.

  17. I would absolutely love to win this Kondo Deluxe because my husband and I never let our 2 cats go outside. It’s just not safe for cats to be allowed to run around outdoors; exposed to all kinds of dangers. But with this Kondo Deluxe we could let the cats get lots of fresh air and see the outside views; but yet be safe.

  18. our cats are full-time indoor, but one of them was formerly an outdoor cat, and i know he misses it. i’m sure he’d get a kick out of an enclosure like this and wouldn’t mind it being pink. 😉

  19. Id love to have this condo because My cat is a inside cat an he never gets to go out an he wants too so badly,,he will sit an watch outside thru the window for hours

  20. I would love to have the kitty Condo for all my cats, but especially for Fudge. All my cats are indoor cats. Fudge is so restless and I think he would love to go outside, but unfortunately I would worry too much to let him try it. However, with the Kittty Condo, we could reach a compromise. He could go out in the yard, and I could still know he was okay. ee

  21. Well, my guys liked this until I told them it was PINK.
    Cats may not see pink that well, but they are NOT sissies even if they
    ARE 1/2 ragdoll. LOL
    They said they are all boys and do not want the little girl cats in the neighborhood
    to think otherwise (since they’ve been neutered, they don’t want any misunderstandings) So they hope to see some pics in the future of a goodlooking
    female enjoying these digs!

  22. I just adopted Frankie a month ago. He’s a flame point rag with a blaze. He’s super affectionate, and I’d love to socialize him how I’ve socialized Chiggins, my cream point Rag. I live on the 4th floor of a condo, and love to have my door open so they can go out and enjoy the breeze, but Frankie almost fell off one day. I was in the kitchen and I heard this yelling..it was my neighbor screaming at me..so I ran to the balcony and she said Frankie was hanging off of the balcony ..he must have been rolling around and slipped out from under the railing ( they wont let us put anything up like chicken wire or anything on the outside of the building) Anyways.. I think this kitty kondo would be perfect for him..so he could lounge outside on the balcony and not have to worry about falling off. It scared the crackers out of me!!!

  23. Honeybee, Bagheera and Flapjack share a not very big apartment and would be thirlled to have an outdoor inclosure! Neighbor’s nosy pets couldn’t bother “The Big Three” safely relaxing together in the fresh air and sun/shade. This is one prize I don’t know who would be more excited to receive!

  24. I would love to have this condo, I lost my cat Rainy 3 months ago to the fact that he always wants outdoors and I won’t let him. He got out and after searching and looking for 7 hours I was told ‘he’ll come home when he’s ready’. He was raised with two dogs so he thought all dogs loved him why not he was the best but a pit bull and boxer mauled him and I couldn’t get them off him early the next morning when I heard his cries for help. I miss him so much each day and somehow I will find a way that my soon to be new rescue cat never gets out.

  25. I’m mommy to 9 rescue fur babies who would LOVE the chance to get outside and play. I’ve been able to harness/leash train a few of them, but the others tend to get skittish. I’m sure they’d feel safer in such a STYLISH and lovely Kritter Kondo. The herd loves to sit in any open windows (we’ve actually had to add a bookshelf by the window so they can line up in rows). I would love to give them the chance to play outside and soak up the sun. Our neighbors already call us the crazy cat couple, so they wouldn’t look twice at a hot pink kitty kondo in the front yard!

  26. I have five rescue cats ages 6-12. They are all indoor cats. One of them DJ lives to go outside. We live in the country and have a nice size yard. I do take him out from time to time on a leash.

    I have been trying to win a Kritter Kondo for a while. I think he would enjoy this very much. It would give him the freedom thar a leash can’t while keeping him safe. I am sure the others would enjoy being outside too.

    I found your posting on Kritter Kondo’s Facebook wall.

  27. We need this Pink Kritter Kondo Delux. We have a two story victorian home with an open porch on the top level. Boobie, our male ragdoll loves going out there and I was able to trust he had enough smarts to not jump off. Regularly this would be the case but he loves chasing bugs. One bug almost caused his demise and if I had not been right there he would have gone off the porch, fell 17′, and I would not have ended up a happy camper!

  28. i have 4 cats and i just recently got 3 stray kittens with their mother into my home i would love to win the kritter kondo for my babies so they can get some air outside my backyard this would be wonderful for them thanks so much for this great opportunity 🙂

  29. We live on the 4th floor of condo building right on a downtown busy street. Hence, there is no way for our Mr. T and Boo to enjoy the outdoors unless we can get the kritter condo and install it on our balcony!

  30. My ragdoll Luigi and my main coon Daizie would love to be able to just relax outside. We live in a 3rd floor apartment so being able to have an adventure outside would be fabulous!!

  31. I would love to win this for our Ragdoll girls! They are indoor only kitties. This would be awesome to have for my covered deck for them to enjoy time with us outside, Also to fold down and take to work with me or to take along for traveling with them.
    They frequently go to work with me at my Stacy’s Groom-N-Spa (professional dog grooming spa) and this would be PURRFECT for them! I have a place just for it already 🙂 I can see my clients now asking where to get one too for their cats! 🙂 What a prize!

  32. I would love to win this for my cat who is an avid bird watcher. He would be able to enjoy the smells and sights of his bird friends in the outdoors with this condo.

  33. We have two inside cats that would just love this! When my daughter saw this giveaway, her eyes lit up and she was so excited. She said she is going to dream of me winning this for her cats!

  34. Our cat wants to be outside so badly! Every chance she gets she darts out the door when we are coming in or going out. Last year we had planned a week-long summer vacation. We had the RV loaded and were just about ready to take her to the RV with us when she got out and took off. We couldn’t keep up with her and lost her. She was gone for 5 days before she innocently showed up on our back door step. Needless to say, she was the only family member that got a vacation last year!

    A couple of years ago when we were vacationing around Yellowstone she got out of the RV one night without our knowledge. We were busy and didn’t notice she was missing until early morning at feeding time. We looked around outside but there was no sign of her. The next morning she was waiting outside the door for us. Her guardian angel was really watching out for her that night!

    When she’s not escaping outside, she’s forever looking out the windows. We call her our community watch. I can’t begin to tell you how much she would LOVE this Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe!

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