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JosieWe named our kitten Josie. I had planned a trip to Arkansas to visit my parents this summer. I watched various ads and found a ragdoll kitten. I called the phone number, and the lady I talked with emailed me pictures of the litter. There were 5 kittens and I chose the lighter color kitten that has Siamese markings. That was in early May. In June we drove to Arkansas, visited our family, and picked up the newest member of our family. From my research, I know the first ragdoll kitty was named Josephine. We named her Josie and she was just six weeks old when we got her. Her birthday is April 20th which is the anniversary date of the Columbine High School shootings. This will be an easy day to remember since we live in Littleton, Colorado.

Once we picked her up, we spent a couple days in Little Rock. Then we went to my parents in Pangburn for several days. Josie was quick to adjust to her surroundings, but we felt bad that she had to go so many places at such a young age. After about a week it was time for the long drive home. Josie got the back seat of the car and we set her up with a small litter box and her kennel. She did not like being in the kennel. My son and I took turns sitting in the back seat for the duration of the 16 hour drive home.
Once back in Littleton I set up a room for her so she would learn where her litter box, food, and water are. What a relief to finally have her home. Unfortunately, we also brought home fleas and ear mites. We’ve treated her for both and we are so lucky to not have those kind of problems on a regular basis in our climate. She is settled and knows this is her home. She runs all over. She loves our German Shepherd and would like nothing more than to snuggle with her. Our dog is afraid to cuddle with her, but sometimes they’ll play a little. Josie is ruling the roost.

Her favorite toys are a peacock feather and a small stuffed cow that she carries around in her mouth. When she wants something, she will meow and let you know. She also has a gurgling sort of sound she makes when she has something to say. Josie is 13 weeks old now and we’re enjoying all our time together.

She is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever had!

Kitty’s Name: Josie
Name: Sue Brown
Where: Littleton

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