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IMG_0995I first began my research for my very first cat in 2008 and what a journey it has been. I looked at all breeds from Savannahs to Siberians, but eventually I fell in love with the Egyptian Mau. What was I thinking?! I had just located an Egyptian Mau breeder in my area and was going to email them when I decided to do a last minute breed search. That is when I found the Ragdoll. I quickly located a breeder in my area; Bonnie at Ragtime Blues Ragdolls. She was the one that made my experience so wonderful. I contacted her and it just so happened that she was coming into my area the next weekend with her kittens to visit another potential kitten parent and she said she could stop by my place on her way back home. I was not expecting the kitten mayhem that came to my house with her. Imagine 10+ little ragdoll kittens in your living room running around while you tried to pick out the ‘perfect one’. I do not know what I IMG_0685was thinking when I picked out my baby Jazmin. I should have gone with one of the more mellow males, but instead I decided to pick out this stubborn, curious, and slightly air-headed seal bicolor female. I certainly do not regret getting her though as she has provided me with much laughter over the years. Within the first two weeks of having Jazmin she got stuck behind the refrigerator, got her head caught in a hamster ball, and fell into the toilet. Twice. Now that she is almost five though, she has mellowed out and is way to big to fit in those small spaces.

Even though Jazmin has her moments, no one can dispute that she is an intelligent cat. She is an indoor cat only so I decided to teach her how to walk on a leash. IMG_0343She loves walking around the neighborhood and seeing her boyfriend George, the ginger tabby that likes to live on the edge. Aside from her leash walking endeavors, Jazmin had conditioned me to accept the fact that she will never drink out of a plain old water dish. If someone ever left a glass of water sitting around without supervision, Jazmin would come drink out of it and then proceed to knock it over with her paw once she was done. To keep water spillage to a minimum around the house, I just decided to give in to her horrendous habit of drinking out of the kitchen sink. So much for no cats in the kitchen. If there were no water glasses laying around and I refused to turn on the tap for her, Jazmin then would proceed to the toilet bowl. I guess she never learned from her kitten experiences that there is no IMG_0209traction on a toilet seat and that the inside is actually wet. I dealt with her drinking habits until I found her Drinkwell water fountain. That thing is absolutely amazing and I think Jazmin would have driven me insane by now if it weren’t for her Drinkwell.

Of course water isn’t the only thing edible Jazmin is obsessed with. Her true and undying passion is food. She loves food so much that she has actually become a reliable alarm clock in the morning. She will sit on my bed and meow in my ear every single morning at 7 o’clock on the dot. The only unfortunate thing about this method though is that I cannot turn it off on the weekends. She is a complete glutton. She will scream at me at dinner time to remind me to feed her because for IMG_0568some reason she thinks that she will starve if she does not remind me to put down her food. If the meowing at meal times isn’t bad enough, 15 minutes after she has eaten dinner, she will usually sit in the kitchen and wail pitifully as if she hasn’t eaten in days. Jazmin will also eat anything that even seems slightly edible. She once jumped up on a shelf and took a thumbtack out of the wall with her mouth. If I had not been there, she would definitely have swallowed it.

I love Jazmin and it is mainly for her sweet temperament and her wonderful fur. Unfortunately though, Jazmin got terrible fleas one summer, so I decided to shave her. While on the phone setting up an appointment with the groomer, she asked me if Jazmin did fine while being IMG_0645handled. Jazmin had never been professionally groomed before, but since she is a perfect angel and would never hurt a fly, I told the groomer that she wished all her clients were as well behaved as Jazmin. Boy was I wrong. When I picked Jazmin up, she looked beautiful in her lion cut but I could tell she was ashamed of her lack of fur. When I asked the groomer if Jazmin was on her best behavior, she gave me this disgusted look. She asked me if I thought it was funny to say that Jazmin was well behaved when in fact she was probably the most ill behaved cat she had ever groomed in her 15 years. The groomer said she actually had to put boots on Jazmin’s paws to prevent her from scratching and put two muzzles on her because just one didn’t work. Of course I was completely astounded at this dark side of Jazmin IMG_1076and have never gotten her groomed again.

Jazmin definitely has her quirks, but she is so sweet. I love her lumbering stride and her total lack of coordination that make her so amusing to watch. I love her way with words that make you want to give her all the chicken in the world, but most of all, I love her for the beautiful cat that she is. This may make me seem like a crazy cat lady (which I’m not) but Jazmin really is my best friend and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. She’s adorable!

    What a great personality and who doesn’t have a dark side?!

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing Jazmin’s story! My goodness what a mischievous little gal she’s been, eh? Who could say “No” to that GORGEOUS face?! 🙂

    She’s absolutely beautiful and I lurved reading about her antics and her “dark side.” (I’ve experienced my own sweet Pink Sugar’s “dark side” recently when I had to trim up some of her fur on her rear to make litter box experiences less “sticky” — if you get my meaning…and I’m sure you do… lol.)

    The story of the water glasses — had me laughing out loud!

    She’s such a little imp. I hope she’s not starving right now. lol 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  3. Jazmin is lovely and her personality matches her appearance 🙂 Thanks for sharing her story and pictures!!!

  4. I loved the part about her behavior at the groomer’s–so funny! I can relate to your research about different breeds. I researched for about two years, before I decided that the Ragdoll would be the best breed for me. Personality was the most important quality, in my opinion. I love the way my Ragdoll looks, which is beautiful of course, but I sure wish they were shorthairs! (I can’t miss a day of grooming.)

  5. Such a fun story! Jazmin is certainly full of personality and it sounds like she’s always up for an adventure! I just love the picture of her with the Valentine balloon. She’s a beauty- thanks for sharing!

  6. Coinneach says:

    This story is hilarious. Raggies do tend to be characters, as you’ve found out.

    As for 10+ Ragdoll kittens bouncing around, sounds like my idea of heaven. 😀

  7. Great story. I like how she knows to wake you exactly at 7am every morning.

  8. Adorable cat and enjoyed your story. It is wonderful to see others get so much pleasure from their Ragdolls. They are such a joy to come home to. Love the photo with her walking with a harness. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That was a great story and Jazmin is just gorgeous. Know she fills your days with love and much fun as can see from all her funny things she does. I can just see that scene about the thumb tack as I have done something similar prying open their mouth to get whatever “offender” is in there! So funny but glad you got it in time. Grace did that with a stud earring that had fallen on the floor. Thank you so much for sharing Jazmin’s story with us. Love that cute photo with the heart balloon – just adorable!

  10. Dementia Boy says:

    I love her–stubborn, curious and a little bit air-headed!! My kind of cat!! What a character Jazmin is. (I know this is bad, but I’m applauding Jazmin for her behavior at the groomer’s–you go, girl!!)

    I love alpha females and cerebral males–sounds like you have the best of both wrapped up in a gorgeous, fluffilicious package.

  11. your cat looks so much like my “big cat” but he is black and white with green eyes. some people tell me he’s not rag doll but i am pretty sure he is. when i first saw the photo i was like “omg, there’s my cat”! she is gorgeous and thanks for your story. i would love to have mine walk around the neighborhood with me. he follows me everywhere anyway, i bet i could get him to go with a harness. the photo with the heart balloon is just adorable!!

  12. Jazmin looks and sounds so much like my seal bicolor girl, Gidget (I still need to submit a write up for her and her brother Gizmo). The food obsession, the pitiful meowing if the food bowl has even a tiny dent in the pile of food… because clearly not completely full = empty!, the relative lack of grace (her brother is much more agile)… though I am lucky that the groomer and vet/staff all love her and comment on what a cuddlebug Gidget is. Which is good, because Gizmo hisses at them if I’m not around (although never bites or uses his claws, he isn’t afraid to let strangers know that he will be dealt with on HIS terms). Loved your write-up… and Jazmin is beautiful!

  13. I gotta say I was dying laughing at your story especially the toilet escapade and the starving to death screams. I swear my two are dogs in a cat’s body. What is with the toilet? I have notes on my toilets reminding the men in the house that they must close the lid or else we will have cats in there!. They use it as a launching pad to play in the bathtub with ping pong balls…the cats not the men. That is the latest favorite game. Jazmin is gorgeous. Looks a lot like my Finn. Did you try Advantage on her for fleas? I haven’t used it on the kittens but do on the dogs and have never had a flea. Sounds like you may need another Ragdoll…ha ha ha.

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