January 2014 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

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Happy New Year!

To start the new year off right, Bergan has stepped up to offer a Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy giveaway!  We got one of these to product review/test shortly before or after Charlie arrived in 2009 and it has been a hit ever since.  In fact, he still plays with it almost daily.  You can see Charlie playing with the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy as a kitten below.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Giveaway Details:

  • # of winners: 3 winners
  • Prize Details: 1 Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
  • Open to Addresses in: Continental USA ONLY

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win a Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, please:

  1. leave a comment on this post letting us know why you’d like to win
  2. For an additional chances to win (up to 5 more chances), share the link to this giveaway (https://www.floppycats.com/?p=14367) on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, and leave a separate comment for each social network that you post it on – to let me know that you shared.  Be sure to use the following hashtags: #floppycats #giveaway and these Twitter handles: @floppycats @berganpets when you post!  Here’s an example of what to post: “Enter to win Jan 2014 Floppycats.com #Giveaway: Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy @berganpets @floppycats #cat http://ow.ly/s8g15”

You can Buy the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy on Amazon for less than $12.

This giveaway ends on January 31, 2013 at 11:59 CT. A random winner* will be chosen in a drawing on February 1, 2014.

*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners will be alerted via e-mail. The winner(s) of the giveaway are required to give Floppycats a physical address (to which the prize will be mailed) within 72 hours.  If a reply email containing the physical address where the prize should be mailed is not received, alternate winner(s) will be chosen again by random. Winners may or may not be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

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111 thoughts on “January 2014 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

  1. Ruthann Hayes says:

    Thank you so much for selecting me to win the toy for “Charlie Blue”. He is now about 20 weeks old and he is full of energy. He will love this to play with.
    You may send it to :

    Ruthann Hayes
    1320 Old Hodgenville Rd.
    Campbellsville, KY 42718
    Phone – 270-465-8431 home
    Cell. – 270-403-9543!

    Again, thank you and as soon as we get photos with Charlie Blue playing with it we will send them to you!

  2. David m. Luopa says:

    My Buster and Jinny would love it. Heck even my mom’s Siamese would get a kick out of it. They figured out the Cat’s Meow so they arent interested in that anymore. Buster is too smart for his own good. He doesnt fall for laser pointers he just finds the source and gives me a look like are you serious? That’s just concentrated light!

  3. Susan Genna says:

    My Romeo is now 8 months old. What a fabulous toy this would be to help maintain the kitten in him. Simply awesome!!

  4. Ruthann Hayes says:

    We would love to have this for our “Charlie Blue”. He is still a kitten and so playful. I know he would love to have this. He loves playing with balls and retrieving them for us. I shared this on Facebook.

  5. Karen Gergel says:

    My cats love the one we have but they fight over it so another one would be very helpful. I have 9 cats and 2 fosters at the moment. Spring is coming and I will be bombarded with many more fosters. Things to keep them occupied are very helpful.

  6. carissa joslyn says:

    I’d love to win for my 8-almost 9 year old cat. shes still a kitten at heart, but we’ve moved a lot in the past few years & ended up having to start from scratch with nothing a few times so we ended up losing all of her toys. She’d love something to get some energy out!

  7. Skye says:

    My little flame point ragdoll Jaffa would just love this for when mummy gets too tired from playing hide and seek and acting surprised as he jumps out at me Spider-Man style!

  8. Tieisha L. says:

    Hi Jenny! I have been on watching all of your youtube videos! Our family will be expecting 2 new ragdoll kittens into our home around Valentine’s day!!! I am so excited!!! I will have one boy (a Torbie!) and a girl (a seal-mitted with a blaze!). This will be my first time having 2 kittens in the home at the same time so I would love to win this toy!!! I just know that they will love it!!!

  9. Mary K says:

    We are expecting! My dream has always been to have a Ragdoll and now it is coming true. We are getting a little boy and girl. Hugo and Harlow. I bought your book and have been spending a lot of time on your website.
    Also follow you on Pinterest! So helpful and informative. Thank you. This item would really be awesome for them.

  10. Chris D. says:

    My two rescue kitz would LOVE one of these! A toy & scratcher in one, what’s not to love?! Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    A kitteh just can’t have too many Turbo Scratchers! Hope we can win one 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  12. Danielle Murgia says:

    Reese’s loves balls and we would like to win this because when she plays with balls, she usually throws them off the end of the loft and the dog gets it. At least this ball can’t go anywhere!

  13. Ed says:

    Would love to win one of these scratchers! One of my girls spends so much time on her nails and the added play aspect of the ball makes it even better. All three if my cats would enjoy this item. Thank you for the chance to win one. Happy New Year!

  14. Laura Speaks says:

    My kitten Suri would love this toy. She is so active so it would be nice to have her play with it especially at the end of the day to tire her out. I bought the two cats the round scratcher bed and the x shaped scratcher lounge and they both love it. Suri is younger than Cuddles so she needs to burn off some excess energy at times. We would love to win this. Thanks, Laura

  15. Lisa Barrett says:

    I’d enjoy one of these for our guys because Charlies looks like he’s having SO much fun! Plus, you can never have too many scratching surfaces w/ 5 cats. Thank you for the giveaway.

  16. Connie Williamson says:

    Shadow scratches the carpet and it’s driving me mad. Maybe this product would help break her of that. Me and Shadow are ready to win!

  17. Ellen says:

    I bought one of these before we got Loki on dec. 18th and he took right to it. I couldn’t have gotten him a better toy!

  18. Ruthann says:

    I am adopting a baby Ragdoll. I hope to get him in a week or so as soon as he is old enough to come home with us. I would love to have this toy and scratching post for him. You know how us mommies are, we just want to get everything for our new babies. God Bless you in this New Year!

  19. Liz says:

    We would love a chance to win the Bergan Turbo Scratcher! I have ragdoll kittens that would LOVE to play with this! They would get a lot of use out of it for sure!

  20. Patti Johnson says:

    What a wonderful giveaway to celebrate the start of 2014!!! Thanks, Jenny!

    I know our Pink Sugar girl would lurve to play and scratch on this!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  21. Janet Knowlton says:

    Oh these are just the best! I have two. My kittens play with these ALL the time! The funniest thing ever is when we visited the breeder and there were really young kittens, about 10 of them, bouncing and playing with these. GREAT invention!

  22. Becca says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for another chance to win a great prize! Molly and Lucy need a new scratcher soon, so maybe this is it! Hoping you and your family, and Charlie and Trigg have a wonderful new Year!
    Florida hugs,
    PS- My Lucy doesn’t like to wear her Thundershirt during storms..but it is a wonderful tool for calming them down to trim nails and such…thanks again!

  23. Amy Marino says:

    We would be thrilled if we won a Bergan Turbo Scratcher! We love to scratch and chase balls. Please pick us! Vito, Bocce & Badger Marino

  24. Carole B. says:

    I just got a new six month old Ragdoll kitten that just loves chasing little balls but they keep getting lost under the stove. This would be great since the ball will stay in its track for hours of fun for baby kitty.

  25. patricia says:

    gaawd.. charlie as a kitten.. omg i want to eat him, he’s so “STINKIN!!!” CUUUTE!! i would love to have one of these for my cats. they really love the undercover mouse and one of them .. the “demon” “tc small” has so much energy that this would be great for wearing his little butt out. i love watching chalie play with this as an adult too, it’s so funny him laying down, swatting it back and forth. his face drives me crazy, he’s so dang cute. he knows he’s a star!

  26. Cindy says:

    My kitties can always use a new treat!! I am always looking for great scratcher toys. The price is right on this one at only $12. That is a great pricepoint for a pretty nice looking toy and scratcher combo! Great giveaway, thanks! Happy New Year!

  27. Melanie Bridenstine says:

    My cats love this toy but it was taken over by the dog. It is still holding up and he throws it around the house trying to get that ball out! We would love to have another!

  28. Elines Acevedo says:

    Omg! Is that baby Charlie? What an adorable ball of fur!!! My Romy would love this toy and probably hog it for herself haha

    • Kathryn says:

      I would like to win this toy to give to my girlfriend. She adopted a kitten 8 months ago and it passed away from a vet who gave it a shot of wrong medication. She made the mistake in allowing it outside. It contracted parasites. It totally broke her heart when she had to put the little guy down. She now has a new kitten and I thought I would post this so when I see her I would have a fun toy for him.
      Please people keep your cats indoors.

    • Kathryn says:

      Hi, I’d like to win this scratcher toy for Sabrina the Ragdoll. She’s 8 mos old and I adopted her from TASTC in Missouri in August. She’s now living in SoCal. She is my first Ragdoll cat and she has brought a lot if joy to our family of the 3 of us.

    • Kelly Kruse says:

      I would absolutely love to win this, as I just recently got a new cat and am trying him out to see if he & my other cat will get along. The new cat isn’t declawed.

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