January 2013 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Catty Stacks

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Trigg is excited that this month’s giveaway is one of his favorite cat gyms (note the white paw grabbing Charlie’s tail):

Catty Stacks

Trigg Playing in Catty Stacks

Giveaway Details:

  • Prize Package details –  4 Catty Stacks units
  • # of winners –  2 winners (one a reader, one a shelter)
  • Open to Addresses in the Continental USA ONLY

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win the set of 4 Catty Stacks units please:

  1. subscribe to our e-mail updates (if you’re already subscribed to our e-mail updates and are an active subscriber, then you don’t need to re-subscribe – you’re already entered!).
  2. leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to win the set of 4 Catty Stacks units as well as the shelter you’d like to donate the other one to.
  3. sign up for our newsletter

This giveaway ends on January 31, 2013 at 11:59 CT. A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on February 1, 2013.

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Here’s a video of Trigg playing on the Catty Stacks:

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  1. Hello, Jennifer!

    I am a new subscriber to your blog and newsletter. I found your site a few weeks ago when my sweet hubby & I were shopping for a new kitten (and we fell in love with the Ragdoll breed). We found a wonderful breeder near us and will pick up our new Ragdoll kitten (whom we have named Sugar) at the end of this month. Sugar is a Blue Lynx Bi-Color female. 🙂

    This is our first Ragdoll and we are preparing our home for our new little furry girl. I would love to win this fabulous giveaway to have for a new girl. I just know she will probably adore exploring the set of Catty Stacks! Such a great innovative item for a new kitten to feel right at home!

    If I am fortunate enough to win I would like to have the second set of Catty Stacks donated to one of my favorite “no kill” shelters in my area, The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City (link: http://www.hsgkc.org/).

    Thank you for all the love and information you give to this wonderful cat breed! I have absolutely fallen in love with the Ragdoll cats and can’t wait to get our new little girl into our loving home.

    Very best regards,

    Patti 🙂

  2. THIS IS SO COOL! Jen, ever since I found you and your lovely cats and your extended family of cats and dogs at your mother’s house, I have come to realize that McDreamy needs more pampering; toys; variety of foods and treats, etc… I think he was depressed before and is so much happier now. Thank you for all that you do, I am sincerely grateful. I hope McDreamy wins this fun playset…thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I would love to win one for my 3 cats. I really want them to interact with each other more while playing and in a different way. They tend to wrestle a lot and I’d prefer they play in another way. 🙂

    The shelter I’d want to win this for is the PAWS Shelter in Peoria. We adopted 2 of our 3 cats from there.

  4. Hi, would love these for my 5 kitties. Would love to donate one for my favorite rescue that is located inside my vet’s office, Vets to Cats, in Roanoke, VA. Thank you so very much.

  5. What a cool cat toy! I know my Ragdoll kitten would love to play in the Catty Stacks – she loves hiding inside things and then jumping out to surprise whoever is passing by! I’d donate the second set to the Seattle Humane Society. Thanks!

  6. I would love one of these!! My 7 year old cat loves to get inside boxes and I’m sure the new kitty I’m waiting for would love to bounce around in them as well. 🙂

  7. My Reese’s would love this because she never gets any toys that the dog does not try to steal. She loves to hide in different places in the house that the dog cannot go such as in the dryer. I would donate the one to AWSOM which is a no kill shelter here in the Poconos. I subscribe to email and newsletter updates. Happy New Year.

  8. We have a multi-cat household. Everyone is a rescue. At times they get on each other’s nerves. I am always looking for new kinds of enrichment for them to keep them happy and to keep the peace. I think my babies would enjoy climbing and hiding (and ambushing!!) in Catty Stacks. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Leonardo has had a few rainy days lately where a climbing structure with hidey-holes would have been wonderful for him; just like these! They could really use them at the Duarte-Azuza Animal Hospital too; where they foster new moms with kittens, cats for adoption and pets that people give up.

  10. I would like to win this for my cat Gretchen because at 15 years old she still likes to play and hide. I would donate to Purrs & Paws in Lake George, NY – a great cats only shelter.

  11. These are so cute – they look so much more sturdy & attractive than the boxes I’ve set up for the cats. I’d donate the second set to Waterloo Alley Cats In Cleveland. (I think it might be a great donation for their annual fundraiser or they could use it for the non-feral kitties they’ve rescued.)

  12. Ooooh wonderful giveaway! We’d love to win, well… I’d love to win because it’ll occupy my crazy cats for a little while hehe. Plus, we’d love for our favorite shelter, Austin Pets Alive! to get a set for their sweet kitties! Happy New Year!

  13. My 4 girl kitties LOVE to climb and this would fill in a gap in my dining room in front of a large picture window!

    My shelter of choice is Palmetto Lifeline in Columbia, SC.

    Thanks so much!!!

  14. I have 2 new (since October) very active Ragdolls. They are quite active and need a lot of stimulation – otherwise they do things like shred the toilet paper and paper towels. They LOVE anything made out of cardboard.

    My shelter choice is Lucky’s Place in Sauk Rapids MN – a no-kill shelter for cats in our area.

  15. I’d love to win it foe my box-loving kitties! They currently have no tree or anything to climb and they’ve been using the stairs as raceways.

    Tree House Humane Society would be my choice of shelters to donate to, thanks!

  16. I would love to win a set of 4 Catty Stacks for my mom who has 2 cats, a male and a female. The male cat (Max) constantly harasses Callie (female) and she always has to run and hide. Lucky for her, she is very petite and can fit in small, tight places so these boxes would be perfect for her! She could crawl in and hide or play and still feel secure. She would love to have a place all to herself where he couldn’t get her. She loves peace and quiet and Catty Stacks would be an awesome and quiet retreat for her. Max is a quite a big cat, not fat but very muscle-y and wouldn’t bother to squeeze in and annoy her. He would much rather romp around the house like the big-shot he thinks he is than get stuck in a box. I already have a set of Catty Stacks and my cat absolutely LOVES them so I know it would be perfect for my Mom and her two kitties!

    As for the shelter, I would love to win a set for my local shelter, the North Shore Animal League. They always have tons of kittens and cats at the shelter and there is always a need for things to keep them busy and entertained until they find their fur-ever homes! North Shore Animal League is more than deserving for this!

  17. Hi Jenny. I am new to your website, and this is the first giveaway that I have been fortunate enough to enter. I am the proud owner of 3 fun and feisty felines, and they would love, love, love these! Thank you!

  18. My kitty would love a Catty Stack to hide and play in!!! Her favorite box has been taped back together too many times and this would be perfect 🙂

    I would donate the other one to the rescue shelter I got her from:
    Wags N Whiskers
    P.O. Box 861067
    Saint Augustine, Florida 32086
    (904) 797-6039

  19. Oh my osh, my cats would love to have these! These stretch their arms around a homemade kitty house I made with cutouts for legs and arms, and they live it, but it’s pretty beat up now. Would love this!!

  20. Hi Jenny –
    Oscar lost his valiant battle with cancer of the small intestines yesterday. We are all pretty sad. I am concerned for the transition form a 3 cat home to a 2 cat home for his brothers. Felix is his littermate. Andy is is adopted brother. Both seem to miss him. They come looking for more cuddles but when not, seem to mope. Anyway, Maybe some play therapy is needed . This would be useful as well as fun (they like to play hide & seek). My choice of shelter is http://www.nyanimalrescue.org/ . Sean Casey Animal Shelter has been deluged with lost & abandoned pets since Hurricane Sandy hit the NY shore – and continue to do such wonderful work for our best friends.

    Thanks for all you do. Best wishes for a happy, successful and healthy 2013.

  21. My girls would love these, I try and get them god boxes to hide in but they don’t hold up too well, they have fun attacking each other so I know they’d be a huge hit!. It would mean the world to me to donate to the CNY Cat Coalition, they have done so much for me in the past, and they work so hard to help those that need it most-the tough ‘cases’. Great opportunity thank you so much, I hope you had a wonderful New Years!

  22. Happy New Year to all Ragdoll lovers!
    Our 3 Ragdolls have used EVERY toy and or gym we have purchased…I know
    these would be a hit! They love to hide on each other and then attack! This would be a blast, not only for them but for me and my husband!

  23. My boyfriend and I are getting our FIRST ragdoll kitten this weekend! We cannot wait! We have been buying the essentials but have yet to buy some cattystacks! I think Andre the Giant will love playing in them! I would love to donate the other giveaway to Buddy Dog Shelter in Sudbury, MA. This is where my family rescued our cats when I was a kid! http://www.buddydoghs.com/

  24. What a fantastic prize for cat lovers. These Catty Stacks look like great fun for my kitties to play or snooze when I am at work. I love the colors too. If I win, the second set will go to Calling All Cats Rescue, who I adopted one of my CH kitties from.

  25. OMG the kids would LOVE these Catty Stacks! They love playing hide and seek with each other and me so these would be great fun! If I win the second set would go to HELP Humane Society in Belton, Mo.

  26. I think my four cats would love to play and nap in this. I have some similar fabric ones that I need to replace because they have used them that they are coming apart. These look more sturdy. I would give the other one to the Wilson County Humane Society.

  27. My Max & Bleu would love these. Bleu is six months and very playful. I would love to donate the other set to this lady that comes daily to the horse race track here and feeds and cares for the surplus cats. No matter what the weather I do not think she has missed a day.

  28. My kitty would enjoy exploring the catty stacks, and knowing her, she’d nestle inside them for quick (or not so quick) siestas. I would donate the other catty stacks set to Cats In The Cradle Rescue Group if I won. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Hi Jenny and fellow readers!

    My Ragdoll kitten, Monroe, would love Kitty Stacks! He absolutely LOVES boxes, and he likes to hide and climb, so I think the combination would make him quite happy! I would put these by the window so he can people watch all the better!
    If we won these, the other set would be donated to the Portsmouth Humane Society and their kitty colony. They do so much to help the homeless animals of Portsmouth, VA, they deserve to have something so wonderful!

  30. The Snoopster would love to climb, hide in, & “hunt” the family from these beautiful blocks! I would like to nominate Friends of Feral Cheshire Cats to receive the Catty Stacks. In addition to TNR, they also rescue, rehabilitate & rehome kitties who’ve come from situations of abuse, neglect, hoarding etc. They rescued my precious girl, who in turn, rescued me 🙂
    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway & the opportunity to spotlight some very deserving shelters & rescue groups!

  31. I have 3 cats who love to play in boxes. I tried to put holes int hem but they just look stupid, so these would be a great addition to all their toys. Thanks for the chance

  32. I have two cats, a Syberian (Kyska) and a Tom I took in (Buddy) ~ I used to help a family friend with her Ragdoll Cattery and loved them all very much but am very allergic to their dander 🙁

    My Boys would love the Catty Stacks so much ~ I used to have a beautiful cat tree for them but (long story very short and abrupt) was in an abusive home and had to leave suddenly and lost the tree in the process. The boys miss it very much.

    If I am chosen I would appreciate the other Catty Stacks go to a wonderful shelter:
    Beverly Animal Shelter
    50 East River Road
    Waterloo, NY 13165

    It is the only one around that does not euthanize for space!! They are very nice people that also have a dog park for anyone that wants to let their dogs roam free with all sorts of obstacles for them to play on.

  33. Hi! Just found you on Neko Flies page! I have 6 cats varying from 16yrs to 2yrs so I am always searching for the latest & greatest to keep my babies amused:-)
    I would live to join the giveaway & chose the Humane Society of Greater Akron in Twinsburg, OH for the shelter! That’s where I work.

  34. I love these stacks. I have never seen them before. Our Charlie would just love them. He loves to play and would love to play on these. I would donate the others to our local animals shelter where our vet volunteers. I would give the name of our vet where she would want it to go. She is great and does so much great work and rescues so many kitties. I would trust her for the best place.

    Thank you so very much.

  35. I would LOVE to win this for my cardboard loving felines and would be equally thrilled to win a set for this amazing shelter that just rescued 99 felines (99 survived, 3 had to be pts): Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley, 304 Howes Cave Road, Howes Cave, NY 12092. They are in DESPERATE need of cat food and litter for all of these extra mouths btw in case anyone might like to donate. Any checks can be sent to: PO Box 40 (same city & zip). Thank you!!

  36. I would love to win this. I am getting a ragdoll kitten in 2 months, she was just born two weeks ago. So I am looking for all kinds of supplies for her. Nice toys to keep her entertain. I am sure she love one of these.

  37. Hi Jenny,

    I would love to win this. We are going to the My Furry Valentine
    Februaruy 9 th and hope to find a kitty. Then in April our Ragdoll
    kitty will be ready to come home.
    I would love for the Brown Animal Rescue to win one for all of her beautiful

    Thank you!

  38. I would like to win “catty stacks” because i am taking care of a mother cat who used to live in the streets but had four kittens in our house so i think would come in really handy and fun for all of them.

    The shelter I want to donate to is called “AMA – Amigos dos Animais” in Belém – Brazil. They really need all the help they can get because Brazil does not have strong animal protection laws and this group is made 100% of volunteers and donated money, the animals that are rescued come in a really sad state and it would be nice for them to have some fun!

  39. I’d LOVE to win this for my 3 kittens that love to climb into things and adventure. I have been eyeballing these for quite a while now and am thankful for this opportunity to possibly win!

  40. I just adopted two very energetic ragdoll kittens, one of these would give them a great outlet for all that energy, and maybe they would sleep at night instead of hunting “bed mice” all night long! I would also love to donate a set to Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee. While they normally just support feral colonies by trapping, neutering and releasing, they also rescue the kittens that are born in the colonies and this would be awesome in the foster homes.

  41. Reading the comments is wonderful to see how many caring shelters are out there. My choice is Leggo’s Animal Haven in Millington, Michigan. They take in all cats in need, including ones with three legs and blind cats. Sometimes the less than perfect get overlooked. Not at Leggo’s.

  42. These are awesome. I have never seen them before. I have 5 cats and they would love to play in these catty stacks especially my two ragdolls! If I win, I would like to donate to the Manatee County Shelter.

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