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Jack's Face

This is Captain Jack from Mariposa Vet Center. He came to Mariposa as a small kitten. His right eye was damage and couldn’t be saved, so his eye is gone on the right–hence, the name Captain!

I met him when I started taking Rags to Mariposa for acupressure and NAET. He is awesome and definitely has some Ragdoll qualities.

Here he is joining Tucker, a German Shepherd, for his NAET treatment from Dr. Michelle Chappell. Listen to that motor that he has going….my battery ran out on my camera, so I couldn’t fully get his personality, but I will next week!
….as promised here are more videos of him…taken with Tucker on 7-17-08.

Tucker and Jack

Tucker (8-year old German Shepherd) and Jack 7-17-08.

Mariposa Vet Center

What is NAET?

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