It’s All In a Name

Post Published on June 9, 2011 | Last Updated on June 9, 2011 by Jenny

This was an e-mail I got from retired Ragdoll Breeder, Peg Horne Nelson, of Meriwidoz Ragdolls.  I thought it was too interesting not to share (with her permission, of course).


This used to be Beret…but not anymore.  You see, I’ve just realized she hates that name.  Beret is now 8 years old so she’s had that name for a very long time.  And she has always been very skittish except for the times she had babies and was nursing.  Then, she was an absolute dream of a girl.

As you know, I always give nicknames to my kitties…lovey names to make them special.  Since, in my opinion, Beret was such a beautiful name, it never dawned on me to give her a nickname.

Just recently, though, I started calling her Raisy (taken from the last half of Beret).  And, since I love the name Raisin yet never did have a girl with that name, I also started calling her Raisin.

Miracle of miracles, now Raisy/Raisin lets me love all over her every day.  And she cuddles up to me for tummy scratches.  Both Saturday and Sunday we had thunderstorms all afternoon long.  Beret hates those and always goes into hiding.  But, both days she let me pick her up and cuddle her in my lap for a very long time.  She loves having her shoulders and her tummy rubbed.  So we did a lot of loving while the storms boomed overhead.

If I forget and call her Beret, she will sometimes slink away and won’t let me get near her.  But, whenever I use her NEW name(s), she is very receptive to my attention.  Plus, she has slept with me the past 5 nights…something she never has done in her life.

So, what I’m saying is…if you ever have a cat that isn’t settling in as well as you think they should, just maybe you should try out some new names on them.

I just know I’m delighted in finally being able to love on Raisy/Raisin a lot (as long as I don’t forget and call her by her original/registered name).  She’s happy…and I’m happy.



Do you think your cat likes his or her name?  Do you call your cat by his or her given name or do you have a nick name for your kitty?

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5 thoughts on “It’s All In a Name

  1. Geo says:

    This is an interesting item…Never heard a story like that before. Both my boys seem comfortable with their names, but it’s a good thing to be sensitive to. Sound is a result of vibration and that has it’s effect on one’s energy, i.e. there is more to a name than meets the ear!

  2. Beth says:

    Our cats have “start out” names which change as we get to know them, lots of nicknames along the way. Cute story!!!

  3. Rebecca MI says:

    oh my that is very interesting, maybe I named both my raggies the wrong name. I did name them before I got them. Now I will have to play with the nicknames and see what happens. I will not name the new kitten until she/he has been in the home for a bit and see what pops out when cuddling

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