Itch from the Square Cat Habitat

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Itch from the Square Cat HabitatDoes your cat scratch on things such as curtains, furniture, and other things you may have? Well with Itch from the Square Cat Habitat your cat can get all of their scratching needs right in one spot. Your cat will just love scratching their Itch everyday in many varieties of movements such as going up and down by placing it on the wall and with a pulling motion if and when you place it on the floor. For even more pleasure for your cat you may place catnip or rub catnip on the scratching part so your cat can go all out crazy and you can sit back and watch them scratch away. 

So stylish, this can go with almost any household design and your cats will love it anywhere. Scratching is one of the easiest ways for your cats to get good exercise, have fun while doing it as well as sharpening their claws. Teach them to make it a habit that they only scratch in things like these so you will surely make them stop scratching everything else. You can get to complete the entire line of unique cat furniture from the Square Cat Habitat of which the Itch cat wall scratcher is part of the ensemble. You can color coordinate these items as the inserts come in different colors and are replaceable. 
Make your home into a cat’s dream house by buying the right kind of cat products for your pet.

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